Advent Calendar 2016 – 24 Christmas Craft Tutorials For You!

Advent Calendar 2016 - Each Day A New Christmas Craft Tutorials Awaits You!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll host an Advent Calendar on my blog.

Count down the days until Christmas with my Advent Calendar. Each day from December 1 to December 24, a new Christmas craft tutorial, a Christmas recipe, or a Christmas sewing tutorial awaits you on my blog.

Be sure to check back every day to open a new door and find out what’s waiting behind it for you!


Advent Calendar 2016

To open a door, just click on the number.

online-advent-calendar-2016-door-1   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-2   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-3   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-4   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-5   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-6   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-7   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-8   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-9   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-10   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-11   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-12   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-13   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-14   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-15   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-16   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-17   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-18   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-19   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-20   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-21   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-22   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-23   online-advent-calendar-2016-door-24-christmas

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