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How To Make A 1920s Slip

Make a 1920s slip with one yard of fabric!

How To Make A 1920s Slip

Learn how to make a simple 1920s slip! Slips were worn under all dresses in the 1920s because 1920s dresses were often sheer.

And what’s best, a 1920s slip is a one yard sewing project. Yes, that’s right: You only need one yard of fabric to make a 1920s slip! Additionally, a 1920s slip pattern is one of the easiest sewing patterns, so it’s a great project for a sewing beginner. Continue reading How To Make A 1920s Slip

1920s Beaded Silk Dress

1920s Hand Beaded Silk Dress

I made this 1920s beaded silk dress a couple of years ago and now we finally took photos of the dress. But this was way more difficult than we thought because it’s so difficult to take good photos of this white-on-white beaded dress. It sparkles and glitters in real life but on photos it looks just white! But you can see glimpses of the bead embroidery on the close-up photos. Continue reading 1920s Beaded Silk Dress

Dressing The 1920s Woman – 1920s Lingerie

Dressing The 1920s Woman 1920s Lingerie

Compared to 1900s lingerie, 1920s lingerie looks completely different but women still wore the same kind of underwear: chemises, drawers, camisoles, bras, girdles and corsets. Yes, most women in the 1920s still wore corsets! However, Edwardian lingerie emphasized a curvy silhouette, whereas 1920s underwear created a slender, boyish look. Continue reading Dressing The 1920s Woman – 1920s Lingerie

1920s Cotton Knit Envelope Chemise

1920s Cotton Knit Envelope Chemise

Not all underwear in the 1920s was made of woven silk and cotton fabric. 1920s everyday underwear was also made of knit fabric. Knit lingerie in the 1920s often came in white and pastel colors and was made of silk, rayon and cotton knit fabric. For my knit envelope chemise, however, I refashioned an old bedsheet!

Cotton knit ‘Union Suits cling with a smooth perfection that will delight you.’ (Montgomery Wards Catalog, 1926)

Continue reading 1920s Cotton Knit Envelope Chemise

DIY 1920s Ribbon Flower – Tutorial

DIY 1920s Ribbon Flower Tutorial Ruth Wyeth Spears

‘A well-made rosette of two-toned double faced ribbon gives just the right touch at the waistline of the simple but smartly cut evening frocks so much in the vogue.’ (Ruth Wyeth Spears, 1920s)

Ribbon rosettes were popular dress accessories in the 1920s – they were usually worn at the shoulder or waist. A while ago I made a ribbon rosette for my 1920s turquoise taffeta robe de style and the dress looks much more finished with the rosette.

For this new ribbon rosette I used original 1920s instruction. The 1920s ribbon rosette is really easy and fast to make! Continue reading DIY 1920s Ribbon Flower – Tutorial