Tutorial: Wooden Christmas Ornaments – Star, Heart & Tree

DIY Wooden Christmas Ornaments Wood Heart Tree Star Tutorial

Do you love rustic christmas decor? Then I have the tutorial for you: Grab a piece of wood and make these easy and cute Christmas ornaments!

You’ll need:

  • scrap wood, such as spruce or pine
  • handsaw
  • rasp
  • sandpaper
  • drill

Barn Wood Star Reclaimed Wood Ornament

Use cookie cutters to make paper patterns for the wood ornaments: I used star, heart and tree cookie cutters.

rustic christmas decor idea

Trace around the paper pattern with a pencil.

tutorial: diy wood star ornament

Using a hand saw, cut out the star.

tutorial: diy wooden star ornament

Smooth the wood with a fine wood rasp and sandpaper.

how to make a diy wood star christmas ornament
Wood star ornament
tutorial: diy rustic wood tree ornament
Sawing out the wood tree ornament

distess wood christmas tree ornament tutorial

You can distress the wooden Christmas ornaments to give them a rustic look.

diy rustic wood heart ornament

The heart is made differently: Roughly cut out a heart shape with straight saw cuts.

how to make a rustic wood heart ornament

Round the edges with a wood rasp.

tutorial: diy wood heart ornament

Then smooth the wood with sandpaper.

DIY wood christmas ornaments star heart tree
Star, tree and heart wood ornaments

Now drill holes into the wood, thread ribbon through the holes and tie to make a hanger. You can leave the wood ornaments like this or stain the wood naturally with steel wool and vinegar. This was the 9th project of my Advent Calendar.

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