Mini Yarn Wreath Christmas Ornaments

Mini Yarn Wreath Christmas Ornament Tutorial

It’s already day 11 of my Advent Calendar. Today we’ll make mini yarn wreath Christmas tree ornaments. You’ll just need two things: curtain rings and yarn – no glue: I’ll show you how to finish the mini wreaths without glue or a knot. It takes some time till the rings are wrapped completely, but it’s very easy to make the mini Christmas wreaths. Don’t they look Christmassy? 😀

Christmas Wreath Ornaments Materials

You’ll need:

  • wooden curtain rings
  • yarn

Yarn Wrapped Ring Christmas Ornament

Make a loop with the yarn and start wrapping the curtain ring.

Yarn Wreath Ornament Tutorial

When the ring is wrapped completely …

Yarn Wrapped Ring Christmas Ornament Tutorial

… thread the yarn end through the loop.

Christmas Wreath Tutorial

And tug at the other yarn end till the loop is hidden beneath the wrappings.

Yarn Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Now cut off both yarn ends.

Christmas Wreath Ornaments

If you want, you can decorate the yarn wreath with different colored yarn, ribbon, beads etc.

Red And White Candy Striped Yarn Wreath Ornament

I made candy striped yarn wreath ornaments in red and white. They look lovely with my knitting nancy candy canes.

Mini Yarn Wreath Christmas Tree Ornaments

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