Moss Tin Can Candle Holder – Tutorial

Moss Tin Can Candle Holder - Tutorial

Today is day 19 of my Advent Calendar and I’ll show you how to make natural, Christmassy tin can candle holders with moss. You’ll just need three things: an empty tin can, moss and a candle – no glue or floral foam needed.

You’ll need:

  • empty tin can
  • moss
  • candle

While gathering cones for the mini pine cone ornaments, I also collected some moss for the tin can candle holder in the woods.

let wax drip into candle holder to keep candle in place

Wash the tin can with soap and water.

Let some wax drip into the tin can and put the candle in before the wax hardens. But the moss will also keep the candle in place, so that step isn’t really necessary.

diy moss tin candle centerpiece stuff moss into tin can

Stuff moss into the tin can. You don’t need much moss for one tin can candle holder. You can also put soil or sand under the moss, and mist the moss every day with water. Now decorate the tin can candle holder with rosehips, larch cones, felt ornaments, straw stars etc. You can also tie a ribbon or piece of fabric around the tin can. I stitched a piece of fabric in place so that it looks like spiral lacing.

DIY Tin Can Candle Holder With Moss - Tutorial

You can use the DIY moss tin can candle holders as natural Christmas table centerpiece. And I think it’d also look pretty to use four candle holders as modern Advent wreath.

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