How To Make Fabric Soutache

How To Make Fabric Soutache

Soutache – also know as Russia braid – is used to embellish clothes. Soutache was especially popular in the Victorian and Edwardian era.

But instead of using store-bought soutache you can also make your own soutache with fabric. DIY fabric soutache is really easy to make. And you can use almost any fabric. I like to use rayon or cellulose acetate lining fabrics to make fabric soutache because it’s cheap, shiny, not too thick and made of natural materials.

Fabric soutache is just double-fold bias tape that has been folded again. Because fabric soutache is cut on the bias you can use fabric soutache just like ordinary soutache to embellish clothes. I used DIY fabric soutache for the military braided jacket of my Edwardian bicycle costume.

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How To Make Fabric Soutache Step By Step Tutorial DIY Soutache With Fabric

How To Make Fabric Soutache

You’ll Need:

  • fabric
  • scissors
  • sewing machine

1. Find the bias of the fabric: The true bias is a 45 degree to the fabric grain (or selvage). Cut the fabric into 2″ (5cm) wide bias strips.

2. Fold the raw edges inwards so that the raw edges meet in the middle. You now have single-fold bias binding.

3. Fold the single-fold bias binding in half. You now have double-fold bias binding.

4. Fold the double-fold bias binding in half again. Now you have DIY fabric soutache.

5. Stitch through the middle of the fabric soutache to secure all layers of fabric.

6. You can now create loops with the fabric soutache just as you would with ordinary soutache.

7. Pin the fabric soutache to the clothing and sew it in place.

8. The finished look of the DIY fabric soutache.

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6 thoughts on “How To Make Fabric Soutache

  1. Very useful! I somehow never realized that soutache would be easy to make.

    I’ve been going through your blog the last few days, it is a great source. Thank you for putting such effort into your hobby and your blog!

  2. Hello quick question, when you made the soutache what fabric did you use.(Because
    I´m looking for a black fabric, with a bit of shine that will work)


    1. You can use cellulose acetate or viscose taffeta as natural fiber fabric with sheen – you can find these in most stores as lining fabric. You can also use habotai silk – which is a bit more expensive – or, if you can find it, cotton sateen. And as a fabric made from non-natural fibers, you can use polyester taffeta. Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. Yes It did help thank you, now I have another question the jacket that make the soutache on what material should that be, I just don´t want a lint full jacket.

    Also I looked at your Insta page very impressive.

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