Modern 18th Century Recycled Denim Stays – History Bounding

Modern 18th Century Recycled Denim Stays - History Bounding

I like to reuse old clothes: One old piece of clothing less in the landfill and a new beautiful denim corset top instead! Double yay! 😀 For these modern 18th century-inspired recycled denim stays I used one of my old jeans. Denim is a strong twill-weave fabric suitable as corset fabric. Because it’s a two-layer corset, it’s already so stiff that I didn’t even had to add boning. Continue reading Modern 18th Century Recycled Denim Stays – History Bounding

Victorian Graham Bread – No Yeast & Vegan

Victorian Graham Bread - No Yeast & Vegan

In the Victorian era, Graham bread was promoted as healthy bread. Graham bread is named after Sylvester Graham, a minister and dietary reformer. Victorians preferred white bread, whereas whole-wheat bread was considered rural and therefore inferior. Graham, however, argued that white bread is unhealthy because it was usually made from bleached whole-wheat flour at the time. No wonder that he propagated Graham bread as healthier than faux white bread that is loaded with toxic chemicals! Continue reading Victorian Graham Bread – No Yeast & Vegan

Victorian Black Wool Dress

Victorian Black Wool Dress

My Victorian black wool dress is completely sewn by hand: it took me 28 hours to hand-sew the dress! I used thin 100% wool broadcloth and the dress is partly lined with cotton fabric. And even if the Victorian dress is black, it’s not a mourning dress! A dress like this would’ve been worn as expensive but serviceable everyday dress in the Victorian era. Continue reading Victorian Black Wool Dress

Victorian Salt Rising Bread – No-Yeast & Vegan

This old-fashioned salt rising bread has a mild taste. Unlike other salt rising bread recipes it has absolutely no cheese taste! And although it’s made from scratch, it’s quick to make: the bread is ready in just 7 hours! The Victorian salt rising bread is even allergy-friendly because it’s dairy-free, yeast-free, nut-free and vegan!

Victorian Salt Rising Bread

‘Salt-rising, or rather milk-rising bread[…] looks finer, tastes better, and is more healthy, beside being less work about making it than the common yeast bread. […] This bread if made aright, is white, moist, tender, [and] sweet’ (The Ohio Cultivator, 1859, p. 223).

The recipe for this salt rising bread is actually from the Victorian era, from 1859 to be precise! If you follow my blog, you know that I’m trying out old recipes from time to time: Victorian recipes, Edwardian recipes, Depression era recipes and sometimes even medieval recipes! And making this Victorian salt rising bread was on my list for a long time and now I finally made it!

The Victorian salt rising bread is the sixth recipe in my series about historical bread recipes without commercial yeast. Continue reading Victorian Salt Rising Bread – No-Yeast & Vegan

DIY Natural Wool Bone Dog Toy

DIY Natural Wool Bone Dog Toy

This DIY natural wool bone dog toy is a non-toxic, eco-friendly and durable toy for your best friend. It is absolutely safe for your dog because it is made from 100% natural (undyed) wool fabric! Your dog will love the toy because it smells of sheep. 😉

But this DIY knotted rope bone toy is not only durable and free from toxic chemicals, it is also so fast to make: Just cut wool fabric into long strips, knot them together and that’s all! You can even leave the raw edges unfinished because broadcloth fabric doesn’t fray. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to make this natural wool bone toy! So make one, or two … or even three of these toys for your playful doggo! Continue reading DIY Natural Wool Bone Dog Toy

How To Sew Scallops By Hand – Quick & Easy Hand Shell Edge

A vintage sewing hack how to sew perfect scallops quick and easy by hand! Embellish your dresses and blouses with a perfect scalloped hem.

How To Sew Scalloped Edge By Hand

Scalloped edges were very popular in the Victorian and Edwardian era: dresses, blouses, petticoats, chemises and nightgowns – all were trimmed with hand-stitched scallops. Continue reading How To Sew Scallops By Hand – Quick & Easy Hand Shell Edge

1920s Beaded Silk Dress

1920s Hand Beaded Silk Dress

I made this 1920s beaded silk dress a couple of years ago and now we finally took photos of the dress. But this was way more difficult than we thought because it’s so difficult to take good photos of this white-on-white beaded dress. It sparkles and glitters in real life but on photos it looks just white! But you can see glimpses of the bead embroidery on the close-up photos. Continue reading 1920s Beaded Silk Dress

18th Century Linen Stays

18th Century Linen Stays

These 18th century linen stays were an impromptu sewing project! After seeing modern versions of 18th century stays worn as top on instagram, and since I had linen fabric scraps in my stash, I spontaneously decided to make 18th century linen stays!

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So on the same day I searched for antique 18th century stays for inspiration. And I made the pattern in the night! 😀 This is one of my quickest historical sewing projects so far: Usually the research takes much longer. But the 18th century isn’t my favorite historical era, so I don’t mind if these stays aren’t 100% historically accurate! 😉 Continue reading 18th Century Linen Stays