Kiwi Curd Meringue Pie

Creamy kiwi curd topped with fluffy meringue and a flaky pie crust. Kiwi curd meringue pie makes a delicious, refreshing summer dessert!

Kiwi Curd Meringue Pie

A while ago, I made homemade kiwi curd – it was so delicious! So I thought I’d make it again as filling for meringue pie or rather tartlets because I wanted to try out different vegan pie crust recipes. Below you’ll find recipes for a buttery pie crust and 10 vegan pie crusts – aquafaba pie crust is my favorite! Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite pie crust. Continue reading Kiwi Curd Meringue Pie

Sprouted Sourdough Bread From Scratch – No Flour & No Yeast!

This 2-ingredient sprouted sourdough bread from scratch is made without flour! Yes, you read that right! You’ll only need grains and water for the sprouted sourdough bread!

Sprouted Sourdough Bread From Scratch - No Flour No Yeast

After reading about bread history – wild yeast bread, fermented grain drinks, flatbread and sourdough bread – I was interested in trying to make sourdough bread with just grains and water. This sprouted sourdough bread is basically a baked soured grain porridge just like a prehistoric human might have made it.

I couldn’t find a recipe for sprouted sourdough bread made with just grains and water – without yeast and flour – so I came up with this recipe. While the prehistoric human would have used two stones or a mortar to crush the grains I used a blender! 😉 Continue reading Sprouted Sourdough Bread From Scratch – No Flour & No Yeast!