DIY Orange Peel Stars

DIY Orange Peel Stars

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make stars with orange peel. You can make a garland with orange peel stars or use them to decorate your Advent wreath. I’ll use them for a recipe in an upcoming project of my Advent Calendar. So stay tuned!

You’ll need:

  • orange
  • star cookie cutter
  • knife

DIY Orange Peel Christmas Crafts

Peel the orange.

Push star cookie cutter through orange peel

Push the cookie cutter through the peel.

Orange Peel Star Garland Advent Wreath Tutorial
Orange peel star

Orange peel remove white bitter part pith

If you want to use the orange peel stars for a recipe: Using a knife, remove as much of the bitter, white part as possible.

DIY Orange Peel Stars Tutorial

Let the orange peel stars dry for some days at room temperature.

Check back for the recipe with orange peel stars!

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