DIY Embroidered Paper Bag – Last Minute Gift Wrapping

DIY Embroidered Paper Bag - Last Minute Gift Wrapping Idea

Make your gift even more special with DIY wrapping paper or paper bags embroidered with snowflakes and trees. It’s also a great last minute gift wrapping and to reuse brown packing paper. All you need is recycled brown paper, yarn and DIY wheatpaste.

You’ll need:

Embroider the brown paper with snowflakes like here -> Snowflake Embroidery Tutorial, or trees. You can use the embroidered brown paper as wrapping paper or make gift bags: Fold the sides inwards so that the edges overlap. Glue the overlap together with DIY wheatpaste. Now fold the bottom up. Open the crease and fold it so that there’s a triangle on each side. Then fold the bottom flaps inwards so that they overlap and glue the overlap together with wheatpaste. Let the wheatpaste dry for some hours.

That was the 16th project of my Advent Calendar. In some days I’ll share another easy and cheap last minute gift wrap idea with you. So stay tuned! 😀

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