Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box – Last Minute Gift Wrapping

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box - Last Minute Gift Wrapping Idea

Did you know that you can use an empty toilet paper roll as last minute gift wrapping? 😀 It’s great to reuse that empty toilet paper roll – and it’s so easy: no glue or scissor required to make your DIY cardboard pillow box. That’s project 20 of my Advent Calendar.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box Tutorial
Mini wreath and orange peel star

You’ll need:

  • empty toilet paper roll
  • ribbon

How To Make A Toilet Roll Pillow Box - Reuse Toilet Paper Roll Tutorial

Fold one edge inwards into a half moon shape.

DIY Cardboard Pillow Box Tutorial - What To Do With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Then fold the other edge inwards so that it overlaps slightly. Repeat on the other end of the toilet paper roll.

DIY Christmas Last Minute Toilet Roll Gift Wrap Pillow Box Tutorial
I-cord candy cane and felt heart

Now wrap ribbon around the toilet paper roll gift box and tie a bow. The small toilet paper roll gift box is perfect for small gifts like jewelry, neck tie or makeup:

-> my tutorial for alkanet cream blush/ lip balm, DIY mascara and DIY eye pencil.

Or put dog treats in the cardboard box for your furry friend! 😀

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