Sweater To Pillow – Refashion Tutorial

Sweater To Pillow - Refashion Tutorial

Turn an old sweater into a cozy knitted pillow in less than 10 minutes!  It’s an easy refashion – even for sewing beginners – for those ill-fitting sweaters at the back of your wardrobe. 😀

diy christmas sweater pillow gift wrap

It only takes about 5 minutes to turn a sweater into a cozy Christmas pillow. You can also use an old sweater with a stain or hole: just cover it up with a cute applique: a heart, star, reindeer

how to turn an old sweater into a pillow

You’ll need:

  • old sweater
  • pillow
  • scissor
  • pins
  • sewing machine *

* You can also handstitch the sweater pillow with overcasting stitches.

diy sweater pillow case knit pillow cover

Turn the sweater inside out. Put the pillow into the sweater, with the button closure in the middle. Pin around the pillow. Then cut out the rectangle + about 1/2 inch/ 1cm seam allowance.

It doesn’t have to be perfect: Because it’s knit fabric, it’ll stretch around the pillow.

sweater to pillow refashion double row of zig zag stitches

Sew a double row of zigzag stitches around the four sides of the knitted pillow cover.

diy sew knitted pillow refashion button closure

Now put the pillow into the sweater pillow case, button it up and you’re done! 😀

diy sweater refashion easy sweater pillow tutorial
Reindeer Christmas pillows which I made two years ago
DIY sweater pillow envelope pillow cover
Envelope pillow cover

You can use the sleeves of the sweater to make an envelope pillow cover.

diy knitted christmas pillow tutorial snowflake ribbon

I tied a ribbon around the sweater pillow for Christmas.

reuse repurpose old sweater diy throw pillow cushion
Star ribbon
sweater to knitted christmas pillow refashion tutorial
Red and gold ribbon
diy knitted christmas pillow cushion sewing tutorial
Snowflake ribbon

I don’t know which ribbon I like best: the star, the snowflake or the red and gold ribbon. Please help me! 😀


Thanks to all who’ve voted! 😀

merry christmas 2016 diy christmas sweater pillow tutorial

I used the sleeves of the sweater to make another pillow, so I tied the snowflake ribbon around one and the red & gold ribbon around the other pillow. Here you’ll find more pictures of the pillows.

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