DIY Wooden Bead Star

DIY Wooden Bead Star Tutorial

For the first tutorial of my Advent Calendar you’ll just need some small wooden beads and a piece of thread. The wooden beaded stars are quick to make and look pretty on your Christmas tree or some Christmas twigs.

You’ll need:

  • small wooden beads
  • cotton thread
  • needle and scissor

How To Make A DIY Wooden Bead Star

1. String 12 beads onto the thread for a 6-pointed star (10 beads for a 5-pointed star) and form a circle by threading through the first bead again. You can make wooden bead stars in one or more colors: I made red and natural-colored stars.

2. String 3 beads, skip one bead and thread the needle through the second bead of the circle.

3. Continue till your star has 5 points (4 points).

4. Now make the last point of the star: thread one bead onto one end of the string, and two on the other – and thread the needle through the middle bead again.

5. Leave a length of thread, tie a knot and cut off the thread.

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