DIY Wooden Bead Star

DIY Wooden Bead Star

For the first tutorial of my Advent Calendar you’ll just need some small wooden beads and a piece of thread. The wooden beaded stars are quick to make and look pretty on your Christmas tree or some Christmas twigs.

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Wood Bead Star

You’ll need:

  • small wooden beads
  • cotton thread
  • needle and scissor

String beads on thread - wooden bead star

String 12 beads onto the thread for a 6-pointed star (10 beads for a 5-pointed star) and form a circle by threading through the first bead again.

Wooden beaded star ornament

String 3 beads, skip one bead and thread the needle through the second bead of the circle.

6 pointed star ornamend 5 pointed star

Continue till your star has 5 points (4 points).

Diy beaded star christmas tree ornament

Now make the last point of the star: thread one bead onto one end of the string, and two on the other – and thread the needle through the middle bead again.

DIY wooden bead christmas decoration tutorial

Leave a length of thread, tie a knot and cut off the thread.

DIY wooden bead stars in red and natural

You can make wooden bead stars in one or more colors: I made red and natural-colored stars.

DIY christmas decoration: vintage tartlet tin candle, wooden bead stars, frosted red berries
Vintage tartlet tin candle, rosehips and wooden bead stars

DIY Wooden Bead Star Tutorial

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