DIY Knitting Nancy Christmas Star Ornament

DIY Knitting Nancy Christmas Star Ornament

In today’s tutorial I’ll show you how to make Christmas tree ornaments with I-cords and wire. They look complicated but are very easy to make. Aren’t they cute?

You’ll need:

DIY French Knitting Christmas Tree Ornament

Cut a piece of wire slightly longer than the I-cord and make a loop at one end of the wire. Thread the wire through the I-cord.

DIY Spoool Knitted Christmas Tree Ornament

Now bend the wire back and forth into a zig-zag shape.

DIY Spoool Knitted Christmas Star Ornament

Form the zig-zag into a star.

DIY French Knitted Christmas Star Ornament

Wrap the yarn round the wire loop to secure the star shape and cut off the excess wire.

DIY French Knitted Star Ornament Tutorial

Knot the I-cords together.

DIY I-Cord Star Christmas Ornament

And hide the ends of the yarn inside the I-cords.

You can also bend the wire into different shapes: I made stars, hearts and trees. In the picture above, you get a glimpse of two upcoming projects of my Advent Calendar.

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