How To Make A Knotted Pearl Necklace – Tutorial With Video

How To Make A Knotted Pearl Necklace - Tutorial With Video

In the past, pearl necklaces were always hand-knotted and even today, expensive pearl necklaces are still knotted by hand. Making a knotted bead or pearl necklace is really easy. Read on to find out how to make your own knotted pearl necklace.

Why Should A Pearl Necklace Be Knotted?

There are many advantages of a knotted pearl necklace: First of all, each pearl is secured by a knot, so if the necklace breaks, you won’t lose all the pearls. The knot will also prevent the pearls from rubbing against each other, therefore it protects the nacre of the pearls. And because there’s more room between each pearl, knotted pearl necklaces are less stiff and hang better. Furthermore, the knot separates each pearl, so the pearls look larger and have more luster.

And if you want to make a 1920s-style pearl necklace for your Gatsby dress: 1920s pearl necklaces were always knotted, like these three photographs show: 1920s long pearl necklace, 1930s medium-length pearl necklace and 1920s short pearl necklace. I’m making an 1920s-style medium-length glass pearl necklace as accessory for my 1920s evening dress.

How To Make A Knotted Pearl Necklace

You’ll need:

  • pearls, glass pearl beads, or glass beads
  • cotton or silk thread
  • needle
  • scissors


Choose a thread in the same color as the pearls and of sufficient thickness so that the doubled thread fits snugly through the pearl hole: The thread has to be thin enough to pass through the bead or pearl but thick enough so that the knot is bigger than the hole of the bead to secure it in place.

How To Make A Knotted Pearl Necklace

Step 1

Thread the needle and double the thread. Tie an overhand knot at one end. Then thread the first pearl.

Step 2

Tie an overhand knot.

Step 3

Bring the knot close to the pearl using the needle.

Step 4

Then tighten the knot and thread the next pearl.

4 thoughts on “How To Make A Knotted Pearl Necklace – Tutorial With Video

  1. This is a lovely tutorial. I am wondering if it is part I? I would like to know how to attach a ribbon or clasp to the ends so that the string of beads can be worn. Or perhaps there is another link to make a string of beads into a necklace that you can recommend?

    1. Thank you! 🙂 If you make a long 1920s-style necklace you can just knot both thread ends together with an overhand knot. And for a short necklace, tie each end to a clasp with square knots. Hope this helps!

  2. Its a lovely tutorial, but how do you end it? how do you connect the ends and make one big loop… or attach ribbon, or a clasp or all three?

    1. Thank you! 😀 I just tied a clasp to the ends of the necklace. You can use an overhand knot or a square knot to attach the clasp. Then cut off the excess thread. Hope this helps!

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