Hi there and welcome to Sew Historically! Do you want to know how to live a simple, frugal & sustainable life inspired by history? On my blog, I show you how to refashion your old clothes, make your own beauty products, cook from scratch, and reduce, recycle & reuse things in your household. I hope you like it here and stay a while. 😀

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Edwardian Sportswear Sweater
DIY Edwardian Sweater Refashion

This Is Not Only A Historical Costuming Blog!

Yes, I post about my handmade historical costumes, historical hairstyles, historical beauty & hair care routine on Sew Historically. Over the years, however, this blog has become more a resource on how to live a simple, frugal, healthy and sustainable life. Living a sustainable & eco-friendly life is very important to me.

Live A Simple & Sustainable Life

Learn how to create a simple, frugal, healthy & sustainable lifestyle! Inspired by history. I’m not here to teach you how to live an old-fashioned life but rather to show you how you can live a simple, frugal & sustainable life today! Simply by drawing ideas and implementing tips from 100 years ago because these are still valid today.

Is This Blog For Me?

If you ask yourself: How can I be frugal and sustainable? How can I make yeast from scratch at home like the Victorians did? How can I make my own face & body lotion, shampoo or makeup? How can I go plastic-free? How can I avoid fast fashion? How can I learn to sew or how can I get better at sewing? Can I refashion my clothes instead of throwing them away? How can I build a vintage wardrobe.

Or if you simply want to know how your ancestors lived and dressed or how to make a Gibson girl updo. You’ve come to the right place! 😀

In Short

On Sew Historically, I’m sharing history tidbits and how you can implement them today because they are still valuable and effective in living a sustainable life. So I’m not here to show you how to live an old-fashioned life but how you can draw ideas from history to live a simple, frugal & sustainable life today!

Edwardian Shirtwaist Costume
Men’s Shirt To Edwardian Blouse Refashion

33 Random Facts About Me

  • My favorite historical era is the Edwardian era. Over the years I’ve made many historical costumes, from the medieval period, the Victorian and Edwardian era, through to the 1920s and 1950s!
  • I’m the owner of a cuddly, and sometimes crazy, black German shepherd dog -> Follow Khaleesi the black GSD on Instagram!
  • I try to live a simple, frugal, self-sufficient, eco-friendly (environmentally-friendly) & sustainable life
  • I love thunderstorms
  • I studied business management and international relations
  • I rather make my own things, than buy them
  • I’m more interested in working class history than that of wealthy people. I also love recreating historical working class clothing
  • I love foraging and learning new survival skills, like making my own oil lamps from scratch
  • All my sewing patterns are self-drafted. I’ve never used a commercial sewing pattern so far!
  • I like to reuse and repurpose old clothes
  • I’m impatient
  • I haven’t bought new clothes in 5+ years because I make all my everyday clothes as well – I even make my own shoes!
  • I’m a self-taught sewist
  • I sew all my historical costumes on a mechanical treadle sewing machine inherited from my grandma
  • What I’ve learned through historical costuming: Corsets don’t hurt (in fact, a well fitted corset is more comfortable to wear than a bra) and hand sewing isn’t as slow as I thought
  • Even if I sew a lot – historical costumes and everyday clothes – I hate pattern making and the actual sewing! But I love making corsets, sewing by hand and making handmade lace
  • I’m a chronic migraine sufferer (15 migraine attacks per months) and I have more than one autoimmune diseases
  • I don’t use dairy products – apart from butter – due to milk protein allergy
  • I like to bake
  • My favorite food is Indian food, homemade French fries and homemade vegan ice cream
  • I love movies, especially action movies
  • I don’t wear historical costumes in real life
  • I’m a non-native English speaker
  • I love blogging – researching, trying out new things, taking photos and sharing it with you – but I hate editing photos and writing blog posts (because I’m a non-native English speaker)
  • Apart from historical costuming, I like to try out old-fashioned things: washing my hair with historical shampoo recipes, making hay with a scythe, cooking over an open fire, spinning and dyeing wool, printing fabric
  • Often, I’d like to do more things than there’s time for 😉
  • I don’t like shopping
  • I’m good at math (contrary to popular belief, girls are usually better at math than boys in school)
  • I’m persistent: I don’t give up easily
  • Summer is my favorite season because I love warm weather – even though I prefer an overcast sky to a cloudless sky. I love being outside – bicycling and hiking – even when it’s raining or snowing. But I don’t like winter clothes!
  • I love water and swimming – so does my dog Khaleesi!
  • My favorite colors are: mint, pink and turquoise
  • My favorite topics are Edwardian pompadour hairstyles, DIY natural beauty products and homemade natural food dyes.

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