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Edwardian Winter Accessories: Faux Fur Hat, Muff & Crochet Boa

Edwardian Winter Accessories Faux Fur Hat Muff Ostrich Crochet Boa

Because I had various fabric scraps left over from other sewing projects, I made some Edwardian winter accessories. 😀 I made an Edwardian muff and Edwardian faux fur winter hat with various faux fur and cotton velvet fabric scraps. And I also made an Edwardian imitation ostrich crochet boa – something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time!

I wanted to use up all the little leftover fabric scraps, but I didn’t have high hopes that the stash busting sewing projects would look good in the end. But I’m so happy with how my Edwardian winter accessories turned out! 😊 Continue reading Edwardian Winter Accessories: Faux Fur Hat, Muff & Crochet Boa

How To Make Fabric Roses – Edwardian Tutorial

How To Make Fabric Roses - Edwardian Tutorial

‘Roses and buds, lilies, daisies, violets, “forget-me-nots,” dahlias, asters, sweet peas, pansies, carnations, sunflowers, in fact, a great many flowers, are possible of charming reproduction from scraps of silk and ribbon.’ (The Art Of Millinery, 1909)

Continue reading How To Make Fabric Roses – Edwardian Tutorial

DIY Wire Hair Rat For The Perfect Edwardian Pompadour

How To Make A DIY Wire Hair Rat

Edwardian pompadour hairstyles were often arranged over hair rats. Hair rats helped to create a fashionably big and fluffy pompadour roll. Edwardian hair rats were usually made out of hair, celluloid or wire. Here I’m showing you how you can make your own DIY wire hair rat. So that you can create a perfect Edwardian pompadour hairstyle! Continue reading DIY Wire Hair Rat For The Perfect Edwardian Pompadour

Victorian & Edwardian Travel Accessories

Victorian & Edwardian Travel Accessories
‘It is a delightful experience to sit in a comfortable, two-horse victoria at the door of the Hotel Toblach, while the driver gathers up the reins preparatory to starting either for Cortina or for the charming intermediate halting-places – Schluderbach and Landro. […] Huge domes and spires, really miles away, seemed close at hand; and like the desert air in purity was the breeze which now and then swept downward from them to refresh us as we drove along.’ (The Dolomites, 1901)
Victorians and Edwardians were fond of traveling. ‘The Grand Tour’ – a travel through European countries – was a popular travel to finish the education of wealthy young adults. Italy and Greece were the most popular travel destinations, and some even traveled to the Far East! The advent of the railroad and steamships in the Victorian era made traveling much easier. In the Victorian era, there were already unchaperoned traveling women, such as Ida Pfeiffer – the travel blogger of the Victorian era! 😉 Continue reading Victorian & Edwardian Travel Accessories

Edwardian Neckwear: Collars, Jabots & Fichus

Edwardian Neckwear - Collars And Jabots
Miami University Liberal Arts Club, 1905

Neckwear was an important accessory in the Edwardian era. Jabots, collars, ties and scarfs lend variety to the severe shirtwaist, add a splash of color to dark wool dresses and help to keep the dress clean. Collars were usually detachable in the Edwardian era, ‘since the collar soils so much sooner than the waist.’ (Los Angeles Herald, 1907)

Most store-bought neckwear was expensive in the Edwardian era, so it was recommended to make lace jabots and collars at home with lace and fabric scraps. Continue reading Edwardian Neckwear: Collars, Jabots & Fichus