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How To Make DIY Espadrilles From Scratch

Learn how to make cute & comfy espadrilles with DIY jute crochet soles & vegetable-tanned leather soles from scratch! All you need for these DIY espadrille shoes are natural materials: You don’t need glue or plastic!

How To Make DIY Espadrilles Shoes From Scratch Jute Crochet Soles Leather Soles Free Pattern Video Tutorial

These DIY espadrille shoes are quick and easy to make! And they’re so comfy to wear! 😀 And what’s best, the DIY espadrilles don’t take long to make: You can make these cute DIY rope soled espadrilles in a couple of hours. Continue reading How To Make DIY Espadrilles From Scratch

Edwardian Princess Slip

Edwardian Princess Slip

‘Every well groomed woman is very particular to see that outside garments fit without wrinkles and with a glove-like appearance across the hips and back. […] The fitted princess slip has come into use to overcome this difficulty’ (School Sewing Based On Home Problems, 1916).

I’m currently sewing an Edwardian lace lingerie dress and I made this Edwardian princess slip to wear underneath. Princess slips were an alternative to a separate petticoat and corset cover (camisole) in the 1900s. Because princess slips fit smoothly over the body and don’t have a seam at the waist they were considered superior to underwear with waist seams. But they are also more difficult to make than a separate petticoat and camisole! 😉 Continue reading Edwardian Princess Slip

Short Edwardian Cotton Dress – History Bounding

Short Edwardian Cotton Dress

Inspired by Edwardian girls’ dresses I made a short Edwardian cotton dress.  But instead of using new fabric I used one vintage apricot-colored cotton bedsheet which I dyed with blue fabric dye. And the placement of the tucks and pintucks is an almost extact copy of an antique Edwardian cotton dress. Continue reading Short Edwardian Cotton Dress – History Bounding

5 DIY Floating Rope Dog Toys

These 5 DIY floating rope dog toys are perfect for your water-loving dog! Made with polypropylene rope, these DIY floating dog toys are safe for your dog, float on water, and are cheap, easy and fun to make!

5 DIY Floating Rope Dog Toys

All these 5 DIY floating rope dog toys are Khaleesi-approved. Khaleesi is my 1-year old, water-crazy, high-energy black GSD who loves to play tug, fetch and hide & seek! Because she’s very mouthy she always needs a toy in her mouth. And since she’s water-crazy and loves to swim, I had to make her DIY floating rope dog toys with polypropylene rope! Continue reading 5 DIY Floating Rope Dog Toys

5 Vegan Snow Ice Cream Recipes

Make instant ice cream with snow and different flavors such as lemon, mint, cinnamon and vanilla! You can even dye the vegan snow ice cream naturally blue with butterfly pea tea!

5 Vegan Snow Ice Cream Recipes

Making ice cream with freshly fallen snow is such a fun winter craft! All these 5 snow ice creams are dairy-free, egg-free and vegan. But if you eat dairy you can substitute milk for soy milk – it works just as well.

Lemon and mint chocolate chip snow ice cream were my favorites – because lemon and mint are my favorite ice cream flavors 😉 – but all 5 vegan snow ice cream recipes are  delicious! Continue reading 5 Vegan Snow Ice Cream Recipes

DIY Espadrilles – Shoe Making Tutorial

Upcycle ugly, ill-fitting espadrilles into cute DIY espadrilles that match your outfit!

DIY Mint Green Espadrilles

I made shoes again! Yay! 😀 This time I upcycled ugly espadrilles that didn’t fit very well. I used leftover mint-green denim fabric from my jeans-to-skirt refashion and made matching mint green espadrilles! I love how they turned out and they’re so comfortable to wear! Continue reading DIY Espadrilles – Shoe Making Tutorial