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4 Edwardian Camisoles Made With Lace & Fabric Scraps

4 Edwardian Camisoles Made With Lace And Fabric Scraps

I like to wear my Edwardian lace camisoles as historybounding summer tops. That’s why I made four more Edwardian lace camisoles! For the camisoles I only used lace and fabric scraps from my stash. In total, I used 30 different cotton lace trims for these four Edwardian lace camisoles! 😀 And I also embroidered one of the Edwardian camisoles with handmade broderie anglaise. Continue reading 4 Edwardian Camisoles Made With Lace & Fabric Scraps

Hand-Embroidered Edwardian Eyelet Lace Camisole

Hand Embroidered Edwardian Eyelet Lace Camisole

I’ve been wanting to make an Edwardian hand-embroidered eyelet lace camisole from scratch for a long time and now I’ve finally made one! Yay! 😀 I embroidered the camisole by hand, carefully cut along the embroidered scallops and then hand sewed the side seams together with Edwardian hemmed fell seams.

Eyelet lace – aka broderie anglaise – is a historical cutwork and whitework embroidery. Broderie anglaise looks beautiful, isn’t too difficult to make but takes ages to embroider! 😉 That’s why it took me a few years to finally finish my hand-embroidered Edwardian eyelet lace camisole! Continue reading Hand-Embroidered Edwardian Eyelet Lace Camisole

Refashioned Edwardian Lace Slip

Refashioned Edwardian Lace Slip

This refashioned Edwardian lace slip was my Edwardian combination before! 😉 The Edwardian combination was one of my first Edwardian sewing projects so it wasn’t historically correct. The seams were just zigzagged, velvet trim was never used on Edwardian underwear and never in this way. On top of that, I also made a mistake when cutting out the combination suit so there was an ugly zigzagged join down the front of the drawers part. And because of all that I didn’t like it anymore and never wore it. But the fabric was still good. Therefore I decided to refashion it into something I’d like and wear! Continue reading Refashioned Edwardian Lace Slip

Edwardian Princess Slip

Edwardian Princess Slip

‘Every well groomed woman is very particular to see that outside garments fit without wrinkles and with a glove-like appearance across the hips and back. […] The fitted princess slip has come into use to overcome this difficulty’ (School Sewing Based On Home Problems, 1916).

I’m currently sewing an Edwardian lace lingerie dress and I made this Edwardian princess slip to wear underneath. Princess slips were an alternative to a separate petticoat and corset cover (camisole) in the 1900s. Because princess slips fit smoothly over the body and don’t have a seam at the waist they were considered superior to underwear with waist seams. But they are also more difficult to make than a separate petticoat and camisole! 😉 Continue reading Edwardian Princess Slip

Edwardian Slip With Lace Inserts – History Bounding

Edwardian Slip With Lace Inserts

The Edwardian era is my favorite historical era at the moment, that’s why I made another piece of Edwardian underwear! 😀 You could call this piece of lingerie a slip, chemise, princess slip or princess petticoat. And in the Edwardian era, it was also called ‘combination chemise and short petticoat’. It combined the corset cover and short under petticoat into one garment and was usually worn over the chemise and corset. Continue reading Edwardian Slip With Lace Inserts – History Bounding