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18th Century Embroidered Stomacher

18th Century Embroidered Stomacher

I’ve always wanted to have an 18th century embroidered stomacher and now I actually made two! 😀 One of my 18th century stomachers is hand-embroidered and the other is machine-embroidered on my old treadle sewing machine. In addition, both stomacher are reversible: so I have four 18th century stomacher now. Continue reading 18th Century Embroidered Stomacher

Edwardian Slip With Lace Inserts – History Bounding

Edwardian Slip With Lace Inserts

The Edwardian era is my favorite historical era at the moment, that’s why I made another piece of Edwardian underwear! 😀 You could call this piece of lingerie a slip, chemise, princess slip or princess petticoat. And in the Edwardian era, it was also called ‘combination chemise and short petticoat’. It combined the corset cover and short under petticoat into one garment and was usually worn over the chemise and corset. Continue reading Edwardian Slip With Lace Inserts – History Bounding

Handwoven Corset Top

DIY Handwoven Corset Top

Because my modern 18th century recycled denim stays turned out so comfy I made another DIY corset top! 😀 This time I used handwoven fabric in blue and white for my corset top. The corset top laces up the back and is closed with hooks and eyes at the center front. It’s constructed using lapped seams and the old German stitch (also known as baseball stitch), and it’s unboned except for the two necessary bones at the back. Continue reading Handwoven Corset Top

Edwardian Camisole With DIY Crochet Lace Yoke

Edwardian Camisole With DIY Crochet Lace Yoke

After making an Edwardian chemise with crochet yoke, I always wanted to crochet an Edwardian crochet lace yoke from scratch! 😀 To make the yoke I followed a 1910s free crochet pattern. I used unravelled cotton yarn and threaded turquoise silk ribbon through the finished yoke. I love how the Edwardian crochet lace yoke turned out! Continue reading Edwardian Camisole With DIY Crochet Lace Yoke

34 Types of Seams – Historical Sewing

Learn how to make 34 historical types of seams. For historical costumes and modern clothing!

34 Types of Seams Historical Sewing

The Victorians had a seam for every purpose! The following 34 historical types of seams have already been used since the Victorian era. While some types of seams are even older and have been used since the Middle Ages. You can use the following 34 historical seam finishes for your Victorian and Edwardian clothing. But of course you can also use them for your modern clothing! Continue reading 34 Types of Seams – Historical Sewing