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The Edwardian Motoring Girl

The Edwardian Motoring Girl Duster Car Coat Face Mask Veil Automobile Dog Historical Fashion

‘This season’s auto girl is a bewitching creature. She has discarded the clumsy leather coat and disfiguring face mask and in their place for short rides she wears a fetching silken wrap and a filmy veil of shaded chiffon. […] she nowadays spends quite as much time selecting her motor headgear as she does her garden party hat. […]

If she is a very fashionable young person, her motor wardrobe is a large one. She has costumes for long tours, raincoats and dust coats, silken motor wraps to slip over fluffy organdie frocks, to say nothing of hats and caps and veils in great variety.’ (Los Angeles Herald, 1904) Continue reading The Edwardian Motoring Girl

DIY Espadrilles – Shoe Making Tutorial

Upcycle ugly, ill-fitting espadrilles into cute DIY espadrilles that match your outfit!

DIY Mint Green Espadrilles

I made shoes again! Yay! 😀 This time I upcycled ugly espadrilles that didn’t fit very well. I used leftover mint-green denim fabric from my jeans-to-skirt refashion and made matching mint green espadrilles! I love how they turned out and they’re so comfortable to wear! Continue reading DIY Espadrilles – Shoe Making Tutorial

DIY Huarache Sandals With Leather Soles – Tutorial

DIY Huarache Sandals With Leather Soles

I made Huarache sandals again! Yay! Huarache sandals are so comfortable to wear and easy to make. After making Huarache sandals with cork soles and Huarache bathing shoes, I now made Huarache sandals with leather soles. Apart from soaking the leather soles, it just takes some minutes to make DIY huarache sandals. So grab some leather and yarn and make your own huarache sandals with leather soles! 😀 Continue reading DIY Huarache Sandals With Leather Soles – Tutorial