DIY Espadrilles – Shoe Making Tutorial

Upcycle ugly, ill-fitting espadrilles into cute DIY espadrilles that match your outfit!

DIY Espadrilles - Shoe Making Tutorial

I made shoes again! Yay! 😀 This time I upcycled ugly espadrilles that didn’t fit very well. I used leftover mint-green denim fabric from my jeans-to-skirt refashion and made matching mint green espadrilles! I love how they turned out and they’re so comfortable to wear!

Update in 2024: Because the store-bought espadrille soles were uncomfortable, I reused the uppers of these espadrilles and made DIY espadrilles from scratch with jute crochet and leather soles. These DIY espadrilles from scratch are much more comfortable! 😀 Click on the link below for my tutorial.

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DIY Espadrilles – Shoe Making Tutorial

You’ll need:

  • sturdy fabric – I used mint green denim fabric
  • crochet yarn or linen sewing thread
  • sewing needle – I found that a leather needle worked best
  • awl – or something similar like a knitting needle
  • scissors

DIY Espadrilles Upcycling:

DIY Espadrilles - Shoe Making Tutorial

Cut off the fabric uppers close to the sole. Use the uppers to make a pattern. Cut out a muslin and pin it to the sole to test the fit.  Adjust the pattern if necessary.

Now cut out the new uppers + seam allowances. You need two layers for each upper (you can use the muslin as lining). Then finish the raw edges like here: With wrong sides together, sew around the uppers. Leave a small opening for turning the uppers inside out. I frayed two of the edges for a casual look. You can also finish the raw edges with bias binding like I did here.

Pin the uppers to the espadrilles soles.

DIY Espadrilles Tutorial

Sew the uppers to the soles with blanket stitches. This is the most difficult part: Try different sewing needles – I found that a leather needle worked best!

DIY Espadrilles
DIY espadrilles – partly finished

DIY Espadrilles - Shoe Making Tutorial

Using an awl pierce through the uppers to make holes for the lacing.

DIY Espadrilles - DIY Shoe Tutorial

Then lace your DIY espadrilles. I used twisted cord as lacing.

How To Make DIY Espadrilles Sewing Tutorial
The finished DIY espadrilles

Here I’m wearing my matching mint-green espadrilles with my refashioned denim skirt.

DIY Mint Green Espadrilles

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DIY Espadrilles - Shoe Making Tutorial

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  1. Wow, this is really awesome and too cute! I love seeing DIY tutorials because you can pick up a thing or two from them. Nice color on your new shoes and these look beautiful!


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