1920s Violets – Ribbon Flower Tutorial

1920s Violets - Ribbon Flower Tutorial

‘There are certain types of girls and women to whom violets seem to belong.’ (Ruth Wyeth Spears, 1920s)

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make authentic 1920s ribbon violets and how to wrap wire stems with embroidery floss.

1920s Violets - Ribbon Flower Tutorial

You’ll need:

  • lilac ribbon
  • yellow sewing thread
  • green embroidery floss
  • thin wire
  • needle and scissor

Authentic 1920s Ribbon Violets Ruth Wyeth Spears




1920s Violets – Ribbon Flower Tutorial

1920s Violets - Ribbon Flower
I used yellow sewing thread instead of yellow embroidery floss

Original 1920s instructions by Ruth Wyeth Spears: ‘To make a bunch of violets […] you will need three and a half yards of half inch wide violet colored taffeta ribbon, a few strands of yellow embroidery floss, a yard and a half of fine lace wire for stems and a bit of tinfoil to wrap the stems.

Violets - Ribbon Flower Tutorial

A violet has five petals – two small ones at the top, a pair of larger petals below these, then a single one at the bottom. In the ribbon violet these are all made of loops, and the loops are bound in the center with the yellow floss, which simulates the center of the flower. Make the two top loops first […]

1920s Flower Tutorial

then the next two […]

1920s Violets - Flower Tutorial
Four petals

How To Make Ribbon Flowers

and add the bottom one […]

DIY Ribbon Flower Tutorial
Overhand stitches to prevent the ribbon from fraying

Cut the stem wires about four inches long. If you have not been able to get green wire, black will be inconspicuous or white may be colored green with water colors. Bend the end of the wire as at D and sew it to the back of the flower as at E. Bind the bunch of flowers together and the stems with the tinfoil as at F. ‘ (Ruth Wyeth Spears, 1920s)




How To Wrap Wire Stems With Embroidery Floss

1920s Violets - Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Bend the wire into a hook and knot it to the violet with the green embroidery floss.

Wrap The Wire Stem Of Articial Flowers With Embroidery Floss Yarn

Twist both ends of the wire together.

1920s Violets - Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Wrap the embroidery floss around the wire.

1920s Violet Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Bend the end of the wire into a hook.

Cover The Stem Of Articial Flowers With Embroidery Floss Thread

Wrap the embroidery floss back around the wire till the wire is completely covered.

Tie three knots around the wire and cut off the embroidery floss.

1920s Violet Flower Tutorial
The finished 1920s violets

Violets DIY Flower Tutorial

Put the violet nosegay into a vase or use the ribbon violets to trim a cloche hat or 1920s summer dress.

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1920s Violets - Ribbon Flower Tutorial

28 thoughts on “1920s Violets – Ribbon Flower Tutorial

  1. I adore violets, Lina, so much so that I think I might be one of the women to whom Ruth Wyeth Spears may have been referring! My late mother adored them too, and she was born in the twenties….Your Ribbon Flowers are gorgeous. I’ve scheduled this tutorial to pin. It’s so well explained and I think even someone like me could follow along to make a beautiful bouquet. Thank you so much for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party.

  2. I love your violets! And the fact that this idea has been around since 1920 is fabulous. Thanks for linking up at OVER THE MOON LINK PARTY. I am featuring this post on next weeks link party which will go live on Sunday Apr 29 at 5 pm central. Please stop by to see your feature and link up again!
    🙂 gwingal

  3. I am confused with the need for tinfoil. In directions it states to wrap the wires with green embroidery thread. Then I see that foil can be used to wrap wires. At what point is this done?

  4. UH-dorable! If I had a Pintrest account, I’d definitely pin it. If I make these one day, I’ll be sure to tag you in the pics!

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