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Edwardian Plaid Walking Skirt – From 1.5m Fabric

Edwardian Plaid Wool Walking Skirt Button Closure Tailor Stitching Velve Piping Petticoat Dust Ruffle Inverted Box Pleat

For my Edwardian plaid walking skirt I only had a limited amount of fabric: only 1.5 meter by 1.5 meters! For Edwardian skirts you usually need way more fabric! 4 meters of fabric are usually not enough for Edwardian skirts! 🤣 But I wanted to try if I could make a short Edwardian walking skirt out of this beautiful plaid wool fabric that I used as a Victorian wool shawl before. Continue reading Edwardian Plaid Walking Skirt – From 1.5m Fabric

The Edwardian Motoring Girl

The Edwardian Motoring Girl Duster Car Coat Face Mask Veil Automobile Dog Historical Fashion

‘This season’s auto girl is a bewitching creature. She has discarded the clumsy leather coat and disfiguring face mask and in their place for short rides she wears a fetching silken wrap and a filmy veil of shaded chiffon. […] she nowadays spends quite as much time selecting her motor headgear as she does her garden party hat. […]

If she is a very fashionable young person, her motor wardrobe is a large one. She has costumes for long tours, raincoats and dust coats, silken motor wraps to slip over fluffy organdie frocks, to say nothing of hats and caps and veils in great variety.’ (Los Angeles Herald, 1904) Continue reading The Edwardian Motoring Girl

Edwardian Braided Jacket

Edwardian Braided Jacket

I love braided jackets! A couple of years ago I made an Edwardian braided cycling jacket with DIY black fabric soutache. And now I’ve made another Edwardian braided jacket – this time with gold soutache!

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Instead of new fabric, I cut up a modern wool coat and used this to make my Edwardian braided jacket. 😀 And for the faux fur collar & cuffs, I used leftover pieces of a vintage faux fur bolero from my grandma. Continue reading Edwardian Braided Jacket

Edwardian Blue Wool Coat With Faux Fur

Edwardian Blue Wool Coat With Faux Fur

My Edwardian wool coat aka the never-ending coat is finally, finally finished! I call it the never-ending coat because everything went wrong with this coat what could possibly go wrong! 😆 That’s why it took me almost 10 years from the planning stages to drafting the pattern to actually finishing the coat. Continue reading Edwardian Blue Wool Coat With Faux Fur

Edwardian Shirtwaist Costume

The Edwardian shirtwaist costume was the most practical everyday attire. A shirtwaist costume consisted of a tailored skirt and a separate shirtwaist blouse.

Edwardian Shirtwaist Costume

‘With a good black skirt and two or three well made, neat and stylish shirt waists we can always manage to look well dressed.’ (San Francisco Call, 1905)

Shirtwaist costumes were basics in every Edwardian woman’s wardrobe: She could wear it every day for almost any occasion! My version of an Edwardian shirtwaist costume consist of a tailored black wool trumpet skirt, a white cotton shirtwaist (blouse), a patent leather belt with metal belt buckle, a leather chatelaine bag with metal chatelaine hook, a black tie and hair ribbon and a pink rayon taffeta petticoat – all parts of the outfit are made by me. 🙂 Continue reading Edwardian Shirtwaist Costume

Short Edwardian Tailored Black Wool Walking Skirt

Short Edwardian Tailored Black Wool Walking Skirt

‘Margery was always in black and white, short walking skirt and trim white shirt waist, freshly laundered […] There was no picture hat on her bonny brown hair, but a little black sailor with a swallow’s wing on one side and a bunch of violets in a knot of ribbon.’ (Madeira Mercury, 1907)

Because my gray Edwardian wool walking skirt is so comfortable that I wore it almost every day during the winter, I made another short Edwardian skirt with black wool broadcloth this time! Continue reading Short Edwardian Tailored Black Wool Walking Skirt

Short Edwardian Walking Skirt – History Bounding

History Bounding Modern Edwardian Clothes Old Bridge

The girl ‘wore a big rat under her pompadour and preferred a short walking skirt, even if men did turn around and look’ (Los Angeles Herald, 1900).

‘She certainly was an unusual figure, for that quiet neighborhood. Attired in a close-fitting suit of gray with a short walking skirt and a wide-brimmed gray felt hat that concealed her beautiful hair (Inyo Independent, 1902).

My short Edwardian walking skirt is a 9-panel godet skirt with two circular flounces, arrow-shaped wool appliques, tailor stitching along the hem, fake button closure and it’s made of gray pure wool broadcloth fabric scraps! Continue reading Short Edwardian Walking Skirt – History Bounding

11 DIY Felt Flowers – No Sew & No Glue

11 ways to make easy DIY felt flowers with felt or felted wool fabric!

11 DIY Felt Flowers No Sew And No Glue

These 11 DIY felt flowers are easy and fast to make. And what’s best: All the DIY felt flowers are eco-friendly made without glue! But you don’t need any sewing skills either because the DIY felt flowers are simply knotted together with a piece of yarn! Continue reading 11 DIY Felt Flowers – No Sew & No Glue

Felt Snowflake Ornaments

How To Make Felt Snowflake Ornaments DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

DIY felt Christmas ornaments are perfect for a toddler- and pet-friendly Christmas tree.  And these cute felt snowflake ornaments are fast and easy to make with a scrap piece of felt or felted wool fabric. I used gray wool felt from my stash for the DIY felt snowflake ornaments but you can also use felt in other colors. Continue reading Felt Snowflake Ornaments