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The Edwardian Motoring Girl

The Edwardian Motoring Girl Duster Car Coat Face Mask Veil Automobile Dog Historical Fashion

‘This season’s auto girl is a bewitching creature. She has discarded the clumsy leather coat and disfiguring face mask and in their place for short rides she wears a fetching silken wrap and a filmy veil of shaded chiffon. […] she nowadays spends quite as much time selecting her motor headgear as she does her garden party hat. […]

If she is a very fashionable young person, her motor wardrobe is a large one. She has costumes for long tours, raincoats and dust coats, silken motor wraps to slip over fluffy organdie frocks, to say nothing of hats and caps and veils in great variety.’ (Los Angeles Herald, 1904) Continue reading The Edwardian Motoring Girl

Edwardian Braided Jacket

Edwardian Braided Jacket

I love braided jackets! A couple of years ago I made an Edwardian braided cycling jacket with DIY black fabric soutache. And now I’ve made another Edwardian braided jacket – this time with gold soutache!

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Instead of new fabric, I cut up a modern wool coat and used this to make my Edwardian braided jacket. 😀 And for the faux fur collar & cuffs, I used leftover pieces of a vintage faux fur bolero from my grandma. Continue reading Edwardian Braided Jacket

Edwardian Blue Wool Coat With Faux Fur

Edwardian Blue Wool Coat With Faux Fur

My Edwardian wool coat aka the never-ending coat is finally, finally finished! I call it the never-ending coat because everything went wrong with this coat what could possibly go wrong! 😆 That’s why it took me almost 10 years from the planning stages to drafting the pattern to actually finishing the coat. Continue reading Edwardian Blue Wool Coat With Faux Fur

Edwardian Winter Accessories: Faux Fur Hat, Muff & Crochet Boa

Edwardian Winter Accessories Faux Fur Hat Muff Ostrich Crochet Boa

Because I had various fabric scraps left over from other sewing projects, I made some Edwardian winter accessories. 😀 I made an Edwardian muff and Edwardian faux fur winter hat with various faux fur and cotton velvet fabric scraps. And I also made an Edwardian imitation ostrich crochet boa – something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time!

I wanted to use up all the little leftover fabric scraps, but I didn’t have high hopes that the stash busting sewing projects would look good in the end. But I’m so happy with how my Edwardian winter accessories turned out! 😊 Continue reading Edwardian Winter Accessories: Faux Fur Hat, Muff & Crochet Boa

10 Ways How To Get Rid Of Moths & Carpet Beetles Naturally – Historical & Today

How to prevent moths from eating clothes? How to get rid of moths and carpet beetles? Are you wondering how to store your expensive vintage and historical wool clothes to keep them save from moths? And how did the Victorians prevent moths damage to clothes and carpets? Find out how to prevent and get rid of moths and carpet beetles effectively and naturally!

10 Ways How To Get Rid Of Moths & Carpet Beetles Naturally - Historical Tips & Today - How To Stop Moths From Eating Your Clothes

If you find holes in your woolen clothes, you know you have a problem with fabric pests! There are two main insect species that damage woolen clothes: clothes moths and carpet beetles. The larvae of moths and carpet beetles eat irregular holes into wool clothes, especially in the summertime.

Clothes moths, as well as carpet beetles, can do serious damage to expensive and valuable historical wool clothes. Continue reading 10 Ways How To Get Rid Of Moths & Carpet Beetles Naturally – Historical & Today

Edwardian Walking Dresses

Edwardian walking dresses: What Edwardian women wore in cold and rainy winter weather and for summer hiking vacations.

Edwardian Walking Dresses

‘The very best form of exercise, all doctors agree, is walking. It brings into action every muscle of the body, stimulates the organs and circulation, and provides an interesting amusement, because it is enjoyable. It induces health because it does not overstrain any part of the body, and it brings beauty of form because it gets rid of superfluous tissue, and, at the same time, develops the muscles, thus filling out the hollows and thin places.’ (Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia, 1910-2a)

Edwardians were fond of walking. Even rain didn’t stop them: They believed a walk through rain was an excellent skin toner! But the clothing had to be light and warm so as not to catch cold. Edwardian walking dresses usually consisted of a short leather-lined wool skirt, a wool jacket or sweater, walking boots and a soft felt cap or hat. Continue reading Edwardian Walking Dresses

Edwardian & WW1 Tam O’Shanter Hats – Free Knit & Crochet Patterns

9 free antique knit and crochet patterns for Edwardian & WW1 tam o’shanter hats!

Edwardian Knit & Crochet Tam O'Shanter Hats - Free Patterns

‘It is often difficult to know what Christmas presents to give […] A warm hat is always serviceable.’ (Marin Journal, 1902)

The Edwardian tam o’shanter or tam hat – a soft knitted or crocheted wool hat – was the everday hat of Edwardian girls and sports hat of Edwardian women. ‘A small woollen cap […] which only needs two hairpins to keep it in place, is extremely becoming, and suitable either for summer or winter.’ Continue reading Edwardian & WW1 Tam O’Shanter Hats – Free Knit & Crochet Patterns

Edwardian Skating Costumes

Indoor and outdoor ice skating was a popular pastime in the Edwardian era. Edwardian women wore specially made skating costumes. Edwardian skating costumes were made out of wool or velvet with short skirts and matching jackets. ‘The correct skating costume is of a rough material, with skirt shorter than the ordinary and a half fitted jacket of three-quarter length, while the hat should be small and should fit snugly on the head.’ (Los Angeles Herald, 3 January 1909)

Edwardian Skating Costumes

‘The Winter Girl is seen at her best muffled in her velvets and furs, gliding like a true queen over the ice.’ (Los Angeles Herald, 1907)

‘With laughter and delighted greetings and in the highest of high spirits San Francisco’s young people met on Monday night for the first of the season’s skating parties. They were unfeignedly glad to be together again […] From 8:30 o’clock until nearly midnight the enthusiasm lasted without an instant’s break, and perfect music and a perfect floor did their share to make the evening pleasant. It was a large meeting, more than 200 persons were there’ (San Francisco Call, 1907) Continue reading Edwardian Skating Costumes

The Edwardian Sweater Girl + 25 Free Edwardian Sweater Patterns

Knit and crochet sweaters were an everyday garment for active Edwardian girls and women. Edwardian sweaters are still in style today. So knit, crochet or sew your own Edwardian sweater this winter following one of the 25 free antique Edwardian sweater patterns. Winter is coming! 😉

The Edwardian Sweater Girl + 25 Free Edwardian Sweater Patterns

‘There is a proper and improper time to wear a sweater […] For country wear and sports it is frequently worn as the only outside garment […] For wear in cities and towns a contrary etiquette prevails. Continue reading The Edwardian Sweater Girl + 25 Free Edwardian Sweater Patterns