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How To Make Candied Fruit Slices – 4 Recipes

4 recipes for homemade candied fruit slices: candied orange slices, candied kiwi slices, candied lemon slices & candied (Japanese) quince slices.

Candied Fruit Slices

Candied fruit slices are easy to make at home. They are so delicious you can simply snack on them. But candied fruit slices look also impressive as cake decoration. Learn how to make 4 different candied fruit slices at home. Continue reading How To Make Candied Fruit Slices – 4 Recipes

Candied Kiwi Slices

Candied kiwi slices are an unusual treat and so delicious. Homemade candied kiwi slices are just as easy to make as candied orange slices!

DIY Homemade Candied Kiwi Slices

Inspired by my DIY candied orange slices, I tried to make candied kiwi slices and they turned out delicious. Yay! Candied kiwi slices are an unusual treat. You can simply snack on them – have I mentioned that they’re delicious?! 😉 – or use them to garnish cakes and cupcakes. Continue reading Candied Kiwi Slices

Victorian Whole Candied Fruit – Recipe

For years I wanted to candy whole fruit and finally I candied whole mandarin oranges, kiwis, pears and cherries! It takes at least 5 days to candy whole fruit but it’s totally worth it!

Victorian Whole Candied Fruit Recipe

In the past, I candied watermelon rind, orange slices, cherries and lemon and orange peel. However, I couldn’t find a modern recipe for whole candied fruit. But I finally found historical recipes for whole candied fruit. Yay!

Whole candied fruit – also called crystallized fruit or glaze fruit – were popular in the Victorian and Edwardian era Continue reading Victorian Whole Candied Fruit – Recipe

Kiwi Curd Meringue Pie

Creamy kiwi curd topped with fluffy meringue and a flaky pie crust. Kiwi curd meringue pie makes a delicious, refreshing summer dessert!

Kiwi Curd Meringue Pie

A while ago, I made homemade kiwi curd – it was so delicious! So I thought I’d make it again as filling for meringue pie or rather tartlets because I wanted to try out different vegan pie crust recipes. Below you’ll find recipes for a buttery pie crust and 10 vegan pie crusts – aquafaba pie crust is my favorite! Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite pie crust. Continue reading Kiwi Curd Meringue Pie