DIY Hiking Skirt

DIY Hiking Skirt - Cotton Scarf to Skirt Refashion Before After

I’ve sewn another comfortable DIY hiking skirt – yay! 😀 And it’s also a refashion: The hiking skirt was a cotton scarf before.

DIY Hiking Skirt

The hiking skirt was a last-minute sewing project: Just two days before we went on holiday, I decided I’d need another hiking skirt. 😉 I’ve actually sewn two skirts in that time (the other skirt is a pink and white candy striped cotton skirt), so it was a bit stressful, but I like how the skirt turned out – it’s so comfortable and pretty.

Cotton Scarf to Skirt Refashion

I used a thick, teal cotton scarf with a white stripe on each side. I cut off the fringe, frayed the edges, and cut out 6 panels: so the white stripe would run around the hem of the skirt.

Sporty skirt with stripe at the hem
White stripe at the hem

Sew DIY Hiking Skirt

My hiking skirt is not too wide, but wide enough at the hem to allow for a good stride – commercial hiking skirts are often not wide enough.

Hiking skirt, water, lake, river

The hiking skirt is lightweight and fast-drying – I tried it 😉 : While we were hiking through a ravine, as usual, our dog wanted to swim in the stream. 😀 The swimming holes of the stream were so deep, so most of my skirt got wet. But the skirt dries fast, unlike denim, which doesn’t dry for hours.

DIY Huarache Bathing Shoes DIY Hiking Skirt
My DIY huarache bathing shoes

Hiking skirt, zipper at the back

The hiking skirt is closed with a zipper at the back.

Sew skirt, bias binding, bias tape elastic waist

I finished the waist with an elastic inside a bias tape casing.

DIY black and white striped sunhat, diy hiking skirt

Here I’m wearing my DIY black and white striped sunhat.

Teal cotton skirt, white hem stripe

20 thoughts on “DIY Hiking Skirt

  1. Cool hiking skirt! I hiked a bit of the Appalachian trail two years ago and admired all the hiking skirts I saw. I didn’t even know they were a thing! Looks like you and your pup had a great time trying it out.

  2. Such a great repurpose of a scarf, I love how you used the white strip in the design. Great to see such lovely photos of your break too.

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