How To Make Satin Roses – Edwardian Tutorial (1910)

How To Make Satin Roses - Edwardian Tutorial

Handmade silk and ribbon roses were very popular in the Edwardian era. They were used to trim dresses and hats, and as hair accessory.

‘One of the most charming fashions is the use of silk or ribbon roses. […] Since the work has become popular, some women take lessons in rose-making, but the clever worker will be able to teach herself the pretty art’. (Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia, 1910-2)

These Edwardian fabric roses are so easy to make with just some silk or satin scraps. I used cream-colored satin fabric for the Edwardian satin roses.

‘This is the simplest form of rose to make and also one of the daintiest in appearance […] Satin is a good fabric to use for these’.


How To Make Satin Roses – Edwardian Tutorial (1910)

You’ll need:

  • silk or satin scraps
  • sewing thread
  • needle
  • scissor


How To Make Satin Roses - Edwardian Tutorial

1. Cut a piece of satin on the bias, about 4 x 20cm (1 1/2″ x 8″) – depending on how big and full you want the rose.

2. Fold the strip in half lengthwise. Turn the raw edges inside and whipstitch along the edges. Then draw the thread tight, gathering the whipstitches slightly.

3. Now roll the satin strip and sew the rose together at the bottom. Continue till you reach the end of the strip. Secure the thread with some stitches, then cut off the thread. And the Edwardian satin rose is finished!


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15 thoughts on “How To Make Satin Roses – Edwardian Tutorial (1910)

  1. These are so beautiful and I especially like them because you have a antique reference. Pinning as I make rolled roses all the time. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi, Love your roses, had been looking for how to make them from satin material for ages. However I want mine to sit flat on my craft project, does anyone know how to make satin fabric roses that sit flat. I don’t want to use ribbon. Thanks to all.

      1. Hi, Thank you for your reply, I have found another site that are more to my liking, although a little labour intensive, have 30 all ready to do the rolling. I will check the Encyclopaedia as well, ‘all knowledge helps’. Yes, I am using satin fabric for them. Thanks again for you help, just love all the pretty things we can do with satin etc. pity the computer wasn’t around 30 years ago when I was making my daughters wedding dresses, but somehow I managed, lots of roses on them, but I had forgotten that I had to cut the material on the cross till I happened on your site.

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