How To Make Broderie Anglaise Lace (By Hand)

broderie anglaise lace tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make broderie anglaise lace.


Broderie anglaise lace is a kind of cutwork or whitework lace. Sometimes it is also called Madeira lace, Swiss embroidery, or Englisch embroidery.

In this tutorial, I’ve used unmercerized cotton thread for a not shiny surface as seen in early victorian broderie anglaise. Picture of 1855 broderie anglaise lace.


You’ll need:

  • white cotton fabric
  • white cotton thread
  • awl
  • scissor and needle


Broderie Anglaise Eyelets

broderie anglaise eyelets

To make broderie anglaise eyelets, use an awl and pierce a hole through the fabric. If you don’t have an awl, use a big sewing needle, knitting needle, or an opening spike for cans.

eyelets tutorial

Stitch round the hole with close spaced overcast stitches.


Broderie Anglaise Scallops

broderie anglaise scallops tutorial

For broderie anglaise scallops, draw a scallop outline onto the fabric. Sew along the line with close buttonhole stitches.

buttonhole scallops

Carefully, cut along the scallop edge.


Larger Broderie Anglaise Eyelet Holes

broderie anglaise eyelet holes

To make larger broderie anglaise eyelet holes, draw the desired outline onto the fabric. Sew with close running stitches round it. Then cut the fabric crosswise up to the drawn outline.

broderie anglaise eyelet holes tutorial

Turn the cut fabric to the wrong side …

whitework eyelet holes tutorial

… and sew with close overcast stitches along the outline.


Broderie Anglaise Satin Stitch Flower

broderie anglaise satin stitch flower

I’ve worked some satin stitches round the eyelet hole to make a flower.

broderie anglaise whitework flower

For the stem and stamens, I’ve used stem stitch, back stitch and colonial knots.

whitework lace flower

Here you’ll find more of my lace tutorials.

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