How To Make Edwardian Boudoir Slippers – Tutorial

How To Make Edwardian Boudoir Slippers - Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make these Edwardian satin boudoir slippers.

Edwardian Boudoir Slippers - Tutorial

You’ll need:

  • satin fabric
  • cotton canvas or other stiff fabric
  • padding material for the midsole
  • foam rubber or leather for the sole
  • pattern taken from one of your shoes
  • scissor, needle, sewing thread

slipper sole padding

Use one of your shoes and cut a paper pattern for the sole. For the midsole padding, you could use wool or polyester stuffing, or use some yarn scraps and crochet a sole shape – like I did.

cover sole padding

Cut a fabric piece large enough to cover the sole padding + seam allowance. Sew the satin fabric with overcast stitches to the sole padding on the underside.

diy shoes sole

Gather the fabric where necessary …

diy covered slipper sole

… so that the fabric lies smooth on the right side of the sole.

satin covered shoe upper

Use one of your shoes and cut a paper pattern for the upper. Cut two uppers of cotton canvas and satin fabric with seam allowances. Zig-zag round the edges with your sewing machine joining the canvas and satin. (The satin covered side will be the underside of the upper.)

pink satin slippers

Cut another larger piece of satin for the upper side of the upper. Gather the fabric with running stitches to the upper.

underside of upper
Underside of upper

Turn in the raw edges.

shirred satin fabric

Continue to shirr the satin fabric with rows of running stitches …

edwardian shirred satin slipper

… till the upper is completely covered.

shirred pink satin fabric

I you find it easier, you could shirr the satin fabric first, and then attach it to the upper.

satin slipper underside

Sew the upper with overcast stitches to the underside of the midsole …

satin slipper upper side

… so that there is enough room for your feet.

diy rubber sole

Cut two soles from foam rubber, leather, or canvas.

attach shoe sole

Attach the sole with running stitches.

sew shoe sole

If you’re using foam rubber or leather for your sole, dont’t space the running stitches to close together so that it won’t tear along the stitching line.

diy shoe soles tutorial

Secure your thread with a knot or some stitches.

satin roses shoe

If you wish, you can decorate your shoes. I’ve used satin roses. Here you can find my tutorial for these Edwardian (1910) satin roses.

diy edwardian slippers

And your Edwardian slippers are finished!

1920s slipper tutorial

These slippers are also suitable for the 1920s.

Here are my inspirations for these slippers: 1920s shirred pink satin slippers with roses, 1910s shirred pink satin slippers, Edwardian pink satin slippers with rose and lace.

How To Make Edwardian Boudoir Slippers - Tutorial

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