Natural Form Updo Tutorial (Late 1870s Hairstyle)

Natural Form Updo Tutorial (Late 1870s Hairstyle)

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make this elegant late 1870s updo (the left on the second picture). The hairstyle is fast to make and comfortable to wear.

hair rat hairstyle

Part your hair from ear to ear. Pin the back hair into a bun. Put a hair rat on top of your head – I used brown wool.

1880s hairstyle tutorial

Comb your front hair over the hair rat.

1870s hairstyle tutorial

Secure it with a hair comb.

late 1870s hairstyle tutorial

Roll the rest of the hair inwards over the bun and secure it with hairpins.

natural form hairstyle

And the hairstyle is finished.

Natural Form Updo Tutorial (Late 1870s Hairstyle)

10 thoughts on “Natural Form Updo Tutorial (Late 1870s Hairstyle)

  1. Hi! What a fun site! I help Beth at Home Stories, and I’m so glad you linked up. I have to say that I’ve never heard of a hair rat before! I’m going to have to google that. I’m always wearing my hair up, but it’s always in boring styles. This is so cute!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! A hair rat is a mat or roll to give the hair more volume, e.g. a mesh chignon form is a hair rat.

  2. I’ve never heard of a “hair rat.” What is it, and where do I get it? This is fun, I’ve never seen tutorials for antique hairstyles, but I have long hair and am interested in classic ways to wear it.

    1. A hair rat is a mat or roll to give the hair volume; e.g. a chignon form or hair donut is a hair rat. A hair rat can be made of wire, hair, foam, wool or mesh. You can buy hair rats at most stores that sell hair accessories or online at amazon etc. Here I used a DIY paranda as hair rat: I just braided strands of brown yarn together.

      1. For a rat that will perfectly match your hair, you can also save the hair from your brush!
        Instead of putting it in to the trash, put the hair it in a little baggie or container, and when you have enough for your hairdo, you can put it in a commercial hair net/old (clean) stocking toe/ just kindof wad it into a bunch to use. It’s neat, and free!

  3. You can save the hair, roll it between your hands and matt it like dreadlocks. One of these days I hope to have a “hair receiver”… pretty cool, I think. I don’t mess much with my hair, but someday I may.

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