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Here you’ll find the costumes I’ve sewn and accompanying accessories I’ve created – from about 1500 till the 1950s.

Modern Edwardian Bra – Historybounding

My modern Edwardian bra has a button closure, adjustable shoulder straps, elastic lacing at the back and is boned like a corset.

Modern Edwardian Bra - Historybounding

I made another historybounding garment! My modern Edwardian-style bra is inspired by antique Edwardian brassieres. But I’m wearing the bra as everyday bra because my DIY bra turned out so comfortable. Continue reading Modern Edwardian Bra – Historybounding

How To Make A Gibson Girl Updo With Short Hair

If you’re looking for an easy Edwardian hairstyle for short hair, you’ve come to the right place! Do you admire Edwardian Gibson girl hair but you have short hair: This is an easy tutorial to create authentic Gibson Girl hair with short hair.

How To Make An Edwardian Gibson Girl Pompadour Hairstyle With Short Hair Step By Step Tutorial

Gibson Girls were the it-girls of the late Victorian and Edwardian era. And their favorite hairstyle was the pompadour hairstyle. The Edwardian gibson girl hairstyle is a bouffant updo that softens the contours of the face. It’s a very feminine hairstyle with waves and curls. Continue reading How To Make A Gibson Girl Updo With Short Hair

2 Ways To Make An Edwardian Hairstyle With Thin Hair

Do you want to make a bouffant Gibson Girl updo but you have thin hair? Don’t despair! Here are two ways to make an authentic Edwardian hairstyle with thin hair. No hair rat needed!

Edwardian Gibson Girl Pompadour Hairstyles Before And After

Not all women in the Edwardian era had luxuriant, long and thick hair. Like today, there were women with thin or short hair who struggled to create a fashionable bouffant pompadour hairstyle. Continue reading 2 Ways To Make An Edwardian Hairstyle With Thin Hair

10 Types Of Corset Boning For Historical Corsetry

Flat steel boning, spiral steel boning, German plastic boning (aka synthetic whalebone) – what is best for historical corsets?

10 Types Of Corset Boning For Historical Corsetry

Historically, corsets were stiffened with whalebone (baleen), whalebone substitutes – such as horn and featherbone – and later flat steel boning. Continue reading 10 Types Of Corset Boning For Historical Corsetry

DIY Victorian Corded Petticoat

Victorian Corded Petticoat
Victorian corded petticoat & blue-white-striped corset

I made another Victorian corded petticoat because I didn’t like the first one that I made a couple of years ago. Corded petticoats were mainly worn before the invention of the steel cage crinoline in 1856. Skirts were already very wide in the 1840s and especially the 1850s. And to support these heavy skirts some kind of foundation was necessary.

Cording was often used in the Victorian era to reinforce underwear like corsets and petticoats. In the past, I’ve already made a Victorian corded corset, a late Victorian or early Edwardian corded corset and a Victorian corded petticoat even though corded garments aren’t my favorite: They always wrinkle and are never stiff enough in my opinion. 😉 The cording adds stiffness to the petticoat but it still collapses in on itself unlike a hoop skirt. Continue reading DIY Victorian Corded Petticoat

15 Christmas Gibson Girl Hairstyles & Holiday Hair Accessories

Over 15 Christmas Gibson Girl hairstyles & DIY Christmas hair accessories from the Edwardian era!

15 Christmas Gibson Girl Hairstyles And Holiday Hair Accessories

Gibson Girl hairstyles are in again! Gibson Girls were the it girls of the late Victorian and Edwardian era. The fashionable hairstyle of the Gibson Girl was the pompadour hairstyle. For Christmas parties, Gibson Girls wore elaborate pompadour hairstyles decorated with DIY hair accessories: From gilded leaf wreaths to hoar frost flower hair accessories, all these DIY Christmas hair accessories are easy to make at home. You’ll surely find some to your liking for your Christmas time outfit. Continue reading 15 Christmas Gibson Girl Hairstyles & Holiday Hair Accessories

History Of Candles – Oil Lamps & Fatwood Torches

DIY Stone Oil Lamp With DIY Rush Wick Stone Candle History Of Candles
DIY Stone Oil Lamp With DIY Rush Wick

History Of Candles

‘Artificial light is probably as ancient as the human race or the use of fire; but the means employed to produce it among the savage tribes have scarcely advanced beyond burning branches of trees or splinters of wood.

Torches were probably an improvement upon these; and lamps, even of the simplest kind, display a great advance in refinement, requiring a combination of contrivances, such as the preparation of oil, a vessel to hold it, and a proper substance for the wick. […] Continue reading History Of Candles – Oil Lamps & Fatwood Torches

How To Make Rushlights

Learn how to make rushlights with leftover cooking fat! You can use this DIY bacon fat candle with a DIY natural wick as emergency candle or as eco-friendly alternative to store-bought candles!

How To Make Rushlights DIY Emergency Candle Tutorial With Leftover Cooking Fat DIY Natural Wicks

‘”I have no more influence than a farthing rushlight.” “Well,” was the reply, “a farthing rushlight can do a great deal: it can set a haystack on fire, it can burn down a house; yea, more, it will enable a poor creature to read […] Go your way, friend; let your farthing rushlight’ shine. (The Christian Miscellany, And Family Visiter, 1868)

Rushlights are one of the most ancient forms of lighting: They were already used in the Roman Empire and they were still used in the late Victorian era, especially in working class households. Rushlights were a cheap alternative to candles: They were usually made at home by children, women or older people.

Rushlights are really easy to make: You can still make them today as eco-friendly and cheap emergency candle. Besides, rushlights are a great way to use up leftover cooking grease! All you need to do is to gather rushes in summer or autumn, peel and dry them and then dip them into cooking grease or tallow. Continue reading How To Make Rushlights