DIY Silk Flowers For My 1920s Cloche Hat

DIY Silk Flowers For My 1920s Cloche Hat

I’ve made some more 100% silk flowers! 😀 They’re a decoration for my 1920s sheer summer cloche hat.

DIY Silk Flowering Branch Blooming

My inspiration was this pretty 1920s sheer cloche with a flowering branch.

diy starched silk fabric flowers

I’ve used my hand-painted and starched silk fabric and sheer viscose fabric.

diy fabric flowers

I’ve cut out flowers with four petals in pink and white.

diy silk wire flowers

Then I’ve attached them to a piece of wire …

thread covered wire silk flowers

… and covered the wire with green cotton thread. The thread is just wrapped around the wire and not glued – I don’t like to use store-bought glue.

diy pink white silk fabric flowers

For the pink flowers I’ve used silk fabric, and for the white ones viscose fabric. Each flower is made with two layers.

diy silk flower corsage

I’ve also stitched some petals and leaves …

silk flower cosage backing lining fabric

… to a piece of starched viscose fabric. Because it’s starched, the edges don’t fray.

back view fabric flower corsage

Then I’ve stitched the wire to the back of the flower corsage.

silk flower corsage tutorial

This is the finished flower corsage with my cloche hat.

silk flower wild rose seed beads

I’ve also made a wild rose out of silk fabric with seed bead stamens.

1920s cloche flower decor seed bead stamens

Here I’m wearing the silk flower accessory with my crochet lace hat.

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