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White Crochet Lace Summer Hat

1920s white crochet lace summer cloche hat

I used scraps of my DIY crochet lace skirt (made from a crochet lace tablecloth) to make this pretty summer hat. I zigzagged the lace scraps together and stiffened the hat with millinery wire and transparent nylon cord. Then I trimmed the hat with my DIY silk and rayon flowers. Here I’m wearing the crochet lace hat with my 1920s afternoon lace dress.

1920s Chiffon Handkerchief Dress

1920s Chiffon Handkerchief Dress

This 1920s white chiffon dresses has an uneven hem or handkerchief hem. 1920s dresses often had uneven hems and draperies on the skirt, such as this and this 1920s dress. The shoulder drape and wide collar are inspired by 20s dresses, such as this with a shoulder ‘cape’. My dress also has a jabot at one shoulder as here. All the hems and draperies are finished with my 1920s imitation picot hem.