1920s Sheer Summer Cloche Hat

1920s Sheer Summer Cloche Hat

This 1920s sheer cloche hat I’ve sewn with white chiffon fabric.

My main inspirations were: 1927 photograph of three women with summer cloche hats, 1920s white chiffon cloche, 1920s close-up photograph of woman with summer cloche, 1920s photograph of woman with cloche hat in a car, and a 1925 photograph of woman with wide-brimmed cloche at Ascot.

Later I want to add a spray of silk flower as here.

1920s sheer summer cloche hat

Here’s a tutorial about how I’ve starched my 1920s cloche hat.

5 thoughts on “1920s Sheer Summer Cloche Hat

    1. Do you share a pattern for this anywhere? I live in Hawaii and I always wear hats out of doors in summer. I am no great seamstress, but I will give it a go. It’s so sweet.

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