How To Make Real Silk Flowers: Roses – Tutorial Part 1

diy fabric roses tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make your own silk flowers with 100% silk fabric. In part 1 I make a pink and white silk rose and a pink wild rose, while in part 2 I make lilac flowers.

You’ll need:

  • thin 100% silk fabric, such as pongee
  • silk paints
  • scissor
  • needle and sewing thread
  • starch
  • wire
  • optional: crepe paper
  • optional: stamens

paint silk for silk flowers

Paint the prewashed silk with silk paints in different colors. I used shades of pink for the roses and green for the leaves. Set the colors according to the manufacturer’s instructions: The silk paint I used had to be ironed for 5 minutes.

Then make this starch solution (-> my tutorial). And starch the painted silk fabric. I cut out some of the rose petals and leaves before starching and some of the fabric I starched in one piece. Let the starched fabric dry on a flat surface and the cut out petals and leaves over small bowls to shape them.

silk roses


Two-colored Rose

silk rose tutorial

Cut rose petals out of the starched silk fabric. Choose the best colored parts of the fabric.

sew silk roses by hand

Sew the petals together each time overlapping the previous petal. I used white petals for the middle of the rose and light and dark pink for the outer petals.

how to make silk flowers

When the rose is big enough, secure the thread with some stitches and cut it.

how to make fabric roses

Make your own stamens or use bought ones. Cut out a sepal from green silk fabric. Pierce the wire with the stamens through the middle of the rose and the sepal.

how to make fabric flowers

Attach the sepal with some stitches to the base of the rose with green thread.

diy fabric flowers

Cover the wire with a strip of green crepe paper. Add a leaf if you like.

I made a big pink and white rose without stamens and a small pink rose with stamens.


Wild Rose

diy wild rose tutorial

Sew 5 petal together with green thread.

diy fabric wild rose tutorial

Stitch down the stamens and the wild rose is finished. That was fast, wasn’t it? 😀

Here you’ll find part 2 of my tutorial where I made silk lilac flowers.

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  1. Hi was size wire do u use thanks as didt know there is so many different sizes so didt know when ordering the wire

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