How To Make Real Silk Flowers: Lilac – Tutorial Part 2

How To Make Real Silk Flowers- Lilac

This is part 2 of my tutorial about how to make silk flowers with 100% silk fabric. In part 1 I showed you how to prepare the silk fabric and how to make a wild rose and a two-colored rose. In this part I made lilac flowers.

How To Make Real Silk Flowers Lilac Tutorial

Cut out small flowers with four petals. I made pink and white lilac, but I think I’ll make some more lilacs when I bought lilac silk paint.

Cut a piece of thin wire, add a seed bead, then pierce both ends of the wire through the middle of the flower. Twist the wire; and add more blossoms in the same manner.

DIY Small Fabric Flowers Tutorial

I just made a small lilac flower. I think covering the stems with green crepe paper like I did with the rose would be nice when the stems are seen.

2 thoughts on “How To Make Real Silk Flowers: Lilac – Tutorial Part 2

  1. Hi Lina,
    Thanks for these great tutorials. Just one quick suggestion that would make things a bit easier – instead of using crepe paper for covering the wire, you can use florists tape. It’s the right colour, already sticky, and so quick and simple, as well as being quite cheap to buy online.
    Anyway, just a suggestion!
    Donna x

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