7 Things I Like And Don’t Like About Wearing A Corset

Edwardian Unboned Sports Corset
Edwardian Unboned Sports Corset

First of all, I don’t wear corsets regularly in my everyday life. But a while ago I wore historical corsets everyday as an experiment because I wanted to find out how it would feel. And also to learn more about the pros and cons of wearing a corset on a daily basis. This is just my personal opinion, no universal pros and cons of everyday corset wearing! 😉

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Pros Of Wearing Corsets

Clothes Fit Much Better

With a corset underneath, dresses and blouses fit so much better and without wrinkles.

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It Provides Warmth

Wearing a corset in winter can be comfy because it provides additional warmth. Last winter I tried how it would feel to wear a corset everyday. And even though I get cold easily, with a corset underneath I was always warm. Sometimes, I didn’t even need to wear a coat over my sweater.

Edwardian Pink Tiered Petticoat Skirt
Edwardian Batiste Summer Corset & Edwardian Pink Faux Silk Petticoat

Always The Same Waist Measurement

If your waist changes a lot during a month which most bodies do, a corset can help you achieve almost the same waist measurements so that skirt waistbands and dresses always fit.

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Can Relieve Pain

Wearing a corset can relieve pain, like period cramps. I also seem to get less migraine attacks when I wear a corset everyday. Curiously, doctors in the Victorian era said that wearing corsets causes headaches while at the same time preventing migraine attacks! Isn’t that strange? 😀

Cons Of Wearing Corsets

My Waist Is Actually Bigger

You might think that a corset always makes your waist smaller. However, this is not always the case. Some corset even add to my waist measurement! Personally I’m not very squishy. And I also have a wide and rigid rib cage. So if I wear a traditional heavily boned coutil corset with a chemise underneath, my waist size is actually bigger than my natural waist!

Only with lightly boned or unboned thin cotton corsets – like my Edwardian unboned sports corset – I can actually reduce my waist size considerably.

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Sheer See Through Summer Corset Dressing
Edwardian Cotton Net Summer Corset

Too Hot In Summer

A corset can be too hot on hot summer days. But it’s not just the corset’s fault: If you follow the “underwear as outerwear” trend and only wear a corset over a slip, a corset is bearable even in summer. But it can be too hot to wear a corset with a full historical costume including all the necessary underwear when you’re used to modern summer clothes! 😉

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Can Be Uncomfortable

A corset can also be uncomfortable at certain times. Personally, I find it uncomfortable to wear a corset while driving in a car.

2 thoughts on “7 Things I Like And Don’t Like About Wearing A Corset

  1. I’ve been considering wearing a corset under my clothes occasionally, but I’ve been rather put-off by so many modern condemnations suggesting fainting, severe pain and even heart-problems. It’s so interesting to see how corsets can actually lessen pain, and I can definitely identify with the warmth point. And I also now know not to bother with the boned corsets- which frankly seem a lot more difficult to make that the unboned ones!

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