DIY Rain Skirt

DIY Rain Skirt

Some years ago I sewed a rain skirt. It’s so practical that I wear it very often. A rain skirt is useful for hiking, bicycling, for rainy days and if one owns a water crazy dog! 😀

DIY A-Line Rain Skirt

Store-bought rain skirt are ridiculously expensive and usually not very pretty. So I decided to sew my own rain wrap skirt.

DIY Pink Rain Skirt

My DIY rain skirt is an A-line wrap skirt with a velcro closure. For the rain skirt, I used pink waterproof fabric, grey velcro tape, cotton fabric and cotton sewing thread.

DIY Rain Kilt

I decided to line the fabric to protect the polyurethane coating of the fabric. I used cotton fabric as lining because it’s more comfortable: on rainy but warm summer days I wear just the skirt without leggings underneath.

Rain Skirt Velcro Closure Cotton Lining
Velcro closure and cotton lining

I didn’t use tape or seam sealer and it never leaked through the seams. But I used cotton sewing thread instead of polyester sewing thread which makes the seams a bit more waterproof.

Swimming Dog

DIY Rain Skirt With Wet Dog Cuddling Up

A rain skirt is really practical if your wet dog snuggles up because she wants to go swimming again. 😉

How To Sew A Rain Skirt

‘Look, there’s water!’ 😉

Sew A DIY Rain Skirt

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