DIY Rain Skirt

DIY Rain Skirt

Some years ago I sewed a rain skirt. It’s so practical that I wear it very often. A rain skirt is useful for hiking, bicycling, for rainy days and if one owns a water crazy dog! 😀

Store-bought rain skirt are ridiculously expensive and usually not very pretty. So I decided to sew my own rain wrap skirt. My DIY rain skirt is an A-line wrap skirt with a velcro closure.

Rain Skirt Velcro Closure Cotton Lining
Velcro closure and cotton lining

For the rain skirt, I used pink waterproof fabric, grey velcro tape, cotton fabric and cotton sewing thread. I decided to line the fabric to protect the polyurethane coating of the fabric. I used cotton fabric as lining because it’s more comfortable: on rainy but warm summer days I wear just the skirt without leggings underneath.

I didn’t use tape or seam sealer and it never leaked through the seams. But I used cotton sewing thread instead of polyester sewing thread which makes the seams more waterproof.

DIY Rain Skirt With Wet Dog Cuddling Up

A rain skirt is really practical if your wet dog snuggles up because she wants to go swimming again. 😉

20 thoughts on “DIY Rain Skirt

  1. We have a water loving dog. Whenever we take him to dog park in Grand Junction he wants to go on side with pond for dogs to swim. For dog that was afraid of water when we got him at a year he has changed his mind. Is good exercise for him.
    A few times when he came out of water he’s gotten me muddy and wet so a nice rain skirt would be helpful. A tutorial please?
    One time I fell backwards into edge of pond in white pants, UGH! Needless to say had to go home. Good thing we keep couple old blankets, towels in back of car.
    Enjoy your weekend

    1. Nice to read about your water loving dog! 🙂 My dog was also afraid of water when I adopted her – and now she’d swim the whole day if I’d let her! 😉

      A rain skirt is really easy to make: You can use any pattern for an A-line wrap skirt – just use waterproof fabric. A lining isn’t necessary but if you want you can add a mesh or cotton fabric lining.

    1. I don’t know if it works, maybe it’s too stiff and PVC often smells bad. I used polyurethane (PU) coated fabric for my skirt because it’s lightweight, abrasion resistant and doesn’t smell. If you use a vinyl tablecloth for your rain skirt, let me know if it works. 🙂

  2. This such a brilliant idea and just what I need! Waterproof trews are so uncomfy and hot! I’m off to search waterprooffabric immediately!

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