Vegan Natural Green Sunflower Ice Cream

Vegan Natural Green Sunflower Ice Cream

This vegan, nut-free, dark green ice cream is naturally colored with sunflower seeds! Sunflower seeds contain chlorogenic acid which turns green with baking soda.

Natural Green Sunflower Ice Cream


* Here you’ll find my tutorial: How to make Natural Geen Sunflower Seeds

Blend all ingredients until smooth and freeze in an ice cream maker.

Green Ice Cream With Natural Food Coloring

The natural green sunflower ice cream tastes just like ordinary sunflower ice cream with a hint of vanilla flavor.

Natural Green St. Patrick's Day Ice Cream And Cupcakes
Dark green St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes – naturally colored with sunflower seeds

2 thoughts on “Vegan Natural Green Sunflower Ice Cream

  1. How important is the soy milk in this recipe? For health reasons I must avoid nuts and soy (although seeds cause no problems, at all). Is it necessary for the high fat content or would rice milk work successfully, as well?
    Thank you, in advance.

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