Turn Leggings Into Stockings – Refashion Tutorial

Turn Leggings Into Stockings - Refashion Tutorial

Today I turned my old leggings into stockings. It’s perfect to repurpose ill-fitting, outgrown tights or old leggings with holes along the seams – no need to throw them away! I’ve written a tutorial, so you can also refashion your old leggings into thigh high stockings.

My stockings are inspired by medieval hose, so they’re more shaped to the foot than other tights to stockings refashions. To make the stockings fitted to the foot, they have two seams at the foot. I feared the seams might be uncomfortable, but the seams don’t chafe and the stockings are really comfortable to wear.

You’ll need:

  • old leggings
  • sewing machine
  • ballpoint needle
  • scissor

Turn tights into thigh high stockings

The side seam of the leggings will become the back seam of the stockings.

Leggings to stockings refashion

Cut an arch opposite to the back seam of the stockings.

DIY stockings pattern

Draw round your foot to make the pattern for the sole part. Use a piece of the leftover fabric and drape it over your foot.

Sew DIY stockings tutorial

Using a ballpoint needle, zigzag the pieces together with your sewing machine.

Sewing diy jersey knit stockings socks
Stockings – inside out

It may be necessary to pin and zigzag the back seam at the ankle for a tighter fit. Then trim all seam allowances close to the seams. I left the top of the stockings unfinished – my stockings never frayed, even after frequent washing and wearing. And wear your DIY stockings with garters or a garter belt, or add elastic at the top of the stockings.

Turn old leggings into stockings tutorial

10 thoughts on “Turn Leggings Into Stockings – Refashion Tutorial

  1. Awesome idea Lina, I can’t wait to make some – this is totally my style. I must say I really love coming to visit your blog. I always learn something new. Love it!!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like it here. 🙂 And the stockings are so comfortable to wear that I made two more pairs. 😉 Happy sewing!

  2. This is something I have never thought of doing….and I love to chop up clothes for parts…. If you attached these to another pair of cut off leggings you would have footed long johns. Great idea for winter. I usually buy the knit sweater tights but this year I can’t seem to find them in my size….problem solved.

  3. I tried making leggings into stockings on my own and failed. I was pleasantly surprised to find your easy to follow tutorial! I plan on completing this project soon. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    I am also knew to your page and am excited to see more of your posts. God love you!

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