DIY Ice Glasses – Tutorial

How To Make DIY Bowls Real Ice Tutorial

Make ice bowls with real ice and turn ordinary ice cream into a special treat!

Inspired by my ice luminaries, which I made a couple of weeks ago, I made these edible ice bowls. DIY edible ice bowls are so easy and cheap to make but they look really impressive!

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DIY Ice Shot Glass Ice Bowl With Colorful Ice Cream

How To Make DIY Ice Glasses

You’ll need:

  • large and small container
  • tap water
  • forks
  • rocks

How To Make A DIY Ice Glass Ice Bowl Tutorial

Place the small container inside the large container, and weigh it down with rocks. Pour tap water between the containers up to 1/2 inch (1cm) below the rim. Use three forks to keep the small container centered.

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Put the containers in the freezer overnight, or outside if it’s cold enough. When the ice bowls are frozen solid, pour warm water into the small container and around the outside of the large container.

Now fill the ice bowls with colorful ice cream.

DIY Ice Bowls Tutorial

Fill the DIY ice bowls with colorful ice cream or a cold dessert. Or use them as cool ice drinking glasses.

I made homemade vegan ice cream colored with natural food coloring. Even the blue ice cream is naturally colored with red cabbage!

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How To Make DIY Ice Bowl Ice Shot Glass Tutorial

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  1. OMW Lina, I was expecting to see how to make Ice cups and ended up clicking on so many links to see all your other posts. Fascinating stuff. I would never have though that red cabbage and baking soda would turn blue. Thanks for all the great information

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