DIY Fabric Pachisi Game Board With Rocks

DIY Fabric Pachisi Game Board Tutorial With River Rocks

I wanted to make a game with rocks for a long time! So this Christmas I sewed a fabric pachisi board using river rocks as game pieces. Sewing a pachisi board is very easy and a great way to use up fabric scraps.

tutorial fabric pachisi board river rock game

Pachisi is an ancient Indian game – it’s also known as chaupar, pagade and by many other names. The board is usually embroidered on cloth: It can be very plain (V&A felt pachisi board with gold thread) or richly embroidered with pearls, beads and silver thread (1800-1900 velvet chaupar board). I decided to make a plain pachisi board with things I already had in my stash: turquoise cotton fabric scraps left over from a full circle skirt, silver ribbon and cotton yarn in mint green – left over from my mint green crochet lace sweater – and pink.

diy turquoise silver pachisi board tutorial

I used two layers of fabric for each arm which I zigzagged together – two layers of fabric make the fabric board stronger. Then I bound three edges of the arm with silver ribbon.

diy fabric game board tutorial
Wrong side of pachisi board

I sewed the four separate arms to a fabric square.

How to sew a fabric game board
Right side of pachisi board

Then I bound another turquoise fabric square with silver ribbon and used it to cover the raw edges.

tutorial sew diy fabric pachisi board cloth yarn

To mark the squares, I zigzagged mint green yarn to the fabric. For the castle squares I used pink cotton yarn.

sew diy fabric pagade board tutorial
Wrong side of pachisi board with zigzag stitches

sew diy travel fabric game board tutorial zipper bag

I also sewed a zipper bag for the river rocks.

sew diy zipper bag for river rocks beach stones

Most of the stone game pieces are collected river rocks and some are bought semi-precious stones.

diy river rock game fabric pachisi board tutorial

The colors of the rocks are black, white, green, crystal, pink, yellow and brown. We prefer to play with the green, white, black and crystal river rocks.

diy pachisi board pebble stone game pieces
Rocks in the charkoni (home)

I oiled the rocks with jojoba oil to make them shiny and bring out the color.

-> Tutorial: Make river rocks shiny with oil

diy fabric pachisi board river rock game cookies with natural blue frosting with red cabbage

And because the colors are so similar: some cookies with natural blue frosting (colored with red cabbage and baking soda).


Here’s a website with instruction on how to play pagade (pachisi).

Pachisi is played with 6 cowrie shells, while chaupar and pagade is often played with 2 or 3 stick dice. So, as soon as I find the time, I’ll make wooden stick dice! 😀

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  1. Ah, I found this post rather late, but being half Indian myself, I can say it’s a very interesting game to play. Your river rocks collection look so wonderful!
    And I saw your kameez and leggings post but it had no comments section/I wasn’t able to find it, so I just wanted to let you know that you looked so beautiful in it. It was on point, and btw, the kameez is known as a “kurti” nowadays. A similar longer version for men is called the “kurta”.

    1. Thank you! 😀 I thought kameez is a longer garment and kurti is shorter, rather hip-length? Or are both, longer and shorter versions, called kurti nowadays? 🙂

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