2 Plain Edwardian Petticoats

Some years ago, I made two simple Edwardian petticoats. Called plain petticoats in the Edwardian era, they were intended for everyday wear. When you think of Edwardian lingerie, you probably think of sheer, white cotton petticoats trimmed with rows and rows of lace. But there were also plain everyday petticoats. Edwardian petticoats for everyday wear … Continue reading 2 Plain Edwardian Petticoats

Edwardian Pink Faux Silk Petticoat

If you follow me on instagram, you know that I’m sewing an Edwardian shirtwaist costume at the moment. It consists of a refashioned men’s shirt-turned-Edwardian blouse, a black wool skirt, and a black leather belt and chatelaine bag. And because Edwardian wool skirts were usually worn over colored real or faux silk petticoats I made … Continue reading Edwardian Pink Faux Silk Petticoat

Edwardian Green Artificial Silk Lingerie – Petticoat & Camisole

I’m sewing an Edwardian lingerie dress with lightweight cotton fabric and lace inserts. And because the dress is very sheer, I made this lingerie set to go under. I used artificial silk made from natural fibers which is historically accurate because artificial silk underwear was already made in the Edwardian era. Artificial silk lingerie was … Continue reading Edwardian Green Artificial Silk Lingerie – Petticoat & Camisole

Edwardian Lace Princess Petticoat

‘Every well groomed woman is very particular to see that outside garments fit without wrinkles and with a glove-like appearance across the hips and back. There is only one way to accomplish this result, and that is to have the under garments without fullness or wrinkles.’ (School Sewing Based On Home Problems, 1916). In the … Continue reading Edwardian Lace Princess Petticoat