1920s Beaded Dance Bag

1920s Beaded Dance Bag

Today I finished my 1920s style beaded dance purse.

1920s style beaded dance purse

It’s an accessory for my 1920s mint green taffeta robe de style. And I used the same taffeta fabric of the dress also for my bag.

pink mint green beaded water lily flower
Detail of beaded stumpwork flower

The dance purse is beaded on both sides. On one side I added a beaded stumpwork flower. The design of my 1920s dance bag is inspired by this 1900s Worth dress with water lily flowers floating on water.

hand sewn wrist purse

The purse is completely sewn by hand. The bag has also a beaded tassel, which 1920s beaded dance bags often had.

1920s dance bag snap closure
Snap closure 1

The wrist bag has a 2-step snap closure.

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