DIY Lace Candle Holder – Tutorial

DIY Lace Candle Holder - Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make romantic lace candle holders. This DIY tealight candle holder is great to use up small pieces of lace. And it’s very easy to make, even for a sewing beginner.

You’ll need:

Make your own lace candle holder tutorial

Measure the circumference and height of the glass jar. Use the measurements + seam allowances to cut a rectangle out of cotton fabric. Stitch the laces down with zig zag or straight stitches.

-> Tutorial: How to insert lace

You can also add pintucks and hand embroidery, such as feather stitching.

-> Tutorial: How to attach/ insert lace with a sewing machine

Close the fabric tube with a flat felled seam.

diy lace candle holder tutorial mason jar

Put the fabric tube over the glass jar. Now light the tealight and enjoy the romantic candlelight. Here’s another upcycling project for you: Use lace scraps to update a boring, ill-fitting T-shirt.

use up lace scraps turn lace into lace candle holder upcycling tutorial

10 thoughts on “DIY Lace Candle Holder – Tutorial

  1. This is such a great idea! You’ve basically made a decorative sleeve for each of your jars. I have tons of jars in the pantry because I hate to throw them away. This idea could be updated for various seasons of the year by changing out the fabric and lace materials. Thanks for this great idea.

  2. Your candles are gorgeous; what a great way to use up scraps of lace or a wounded vintage linen! Great idea. Thank you.

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