500th Blog Post! + My Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts

Rainbow Cake 500th Blog Post! + My Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts

That’s my 500th blog post! Yay! 😀

Almost 2 years ago I published my first blog post. In the sidebar you can find the 10 most popular posts of my blog, so today, to celebrate the 500th blog post, I thought you’d like to know my top 10 favorite blog posts/ projects.

My Top 10 Favorite Blog Post/ Projects + Why:

  • Silver Dog Collar: I always admired antique metal dog collars, and it was so interesting to make one myself, even if it was a difficult project – and I never use it because I think it’s too heavy for my dog.
  • How To Dress In The Edwardian Era: When I’m sewing an Edwardian outfit, I often use this post as reference to know when an Edwardian woman would’ve worn the dress and how she would’ve accessorized it. (I’ll soon post a follow-up post about how clothes, accessories and hairstyles changed between 1900 and 1909)
  • The Victorian And Edwardian Beauty Series – which are actually more than one post 😉 – e.g. Face Powder And Make-up and Shampoo Recipes:  I loved to read, compile and try out the antique beauty recipes.
  • DIY Huarache Sandals: I always wanted to make my own shoes but I thought it’s too complicated. Sandals, however, are very easy to make. It’s also the most popular post of my readers. I’ll soon post two other shoe tutorials: leather sandals and leather ballet flats.
  • DIY Bathing Shoes: They’re so comfortable and practical that I didn’t want to take them off! 😉 I wore them for hiking and in rivers, lakes … – I have a water-loving dog: She’d swim the whole summer through if I’d let her! 😀
  • Natural Blue Food Coloring With Red Cabbage: I always wanted to color food naturally blue!
  • DIY Hiking Skirt: I love this skirt! 😀 I’ve worn it all summer.
  • DIY Ice Luminaries: I’ve admired ice luminaries for a long time on pinterest. And this Christmas Eve I finally made my own, which was so much fun! 😀
  • Edwardian Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial: I always wanted to try out an authentic 1900s pompadour hairstyle. I was very happy when I found Edwardian instructions for an everyday pompadour hairstyle.
  • My Advent Calendar 2016: It was a bit stressful to finish all DIY tutorials in time, but I also enjoyed it.


Thank you to all of my readers. And thanks for all the wonderful comments! 😀

If you’d like to share in the comments below, I’d love to know what blog posts/ projects you liked best and why.

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