Crochet And Beaded Strawberries

crochet strawberries

Crochet strawberries are so cute! 😀 And they’re perfect to use up yarn scraps. Crochet strawberries for your kids, as a gift or to embellish your hair sticks in summer.

crocheted strawberries

I used cotton embroidery thread in red and green, and stuffed the crochet strawberries with wool and fabric scraps.

crochet strawberry

Crochet strawberries are so easy to make: Here you’ll find a free crochet strawberry pattern.

crochet and beaded strawberries
Crochet and beaded strawberries

french beaded strawberries

I also made some French beaded strawberries with red and green seed beads, wire and red sewing thread.

beaded strawberries

French beaded strawberries are slightly more difficult than crochet strawberries but they’re worth the effort. Here’s a free tutorial for French beaded berries.

crochet and beaded strawberries hair accessory

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