5 Ways To Reuse Old T-Shirts

5 Ways To Reuse Old T-Shirts (With Link Party)

I don’t like to throw out things when I can reuse or upcycle them. There are many ways how to use old jersey knit clothes or leftover jersey scraps. I’ll show you how I refashioned old boring and ill-fitting T-shirts into something I’d wear again!

3 Things To Remember When Sewing Knit Fabric

  • you don’t have to hem t-shirt fabric: because it’s knit fabric it won’t unravel as easily as woven fabric

knit fabric holes sewn without ballpoint needle

  • use a ballpoint needle: sewing jersey with a standard sewing needle will make small holes along the seam and there might be even a run later
  • use a zig zag stitch for the seams, so the seam stretches with the knit fabric

How To Finish The Raw Edge Of Knit Fabric

sewing knit fabric leave the edge raw won't unravel

  • leave the edge raw – knit fabric won’t unravel like woven fabric

how to finish raw edge of knit fabric

  • fold under once and zigzag – add more decorative zig zag stitches if you want
lettuce edge hem t shirt sewing
T-shirt with lettuce edge
  • finish the cut edge with a close zig zag stitch while stretching the fabric – it will produce a lettuce edge hem

Hood To Sailor Collar

  • turn under twice and stitch in place with overcasting stitches by hand

What To Do With Old T-Shirts?

5+ Ways To Reuse Old T-Shirts


Upcycle old, boring and ill-fitting jersey knit clothes into something you’d wear again.

Add Lace

Add lace to upsize an ill-fitting top.

Add lace to upsize an ill fitting top
DIY lace T-shirt refashion tutorial

Add A Collar

Upcycle a boring white T-shirt with a sailor collar.

DIY faux sailor collar front sewing fake sailor collar
Nautical T-shirt refashion

Turn Hood Into Sailor Collar

Sailor Collar Top Refashion - Hood To Sailor Collar
Refashion a hood into a sailor collar


Make a stencil and upcycle a boring top with print.

Upcycle boring top with print
DIY printed top

Add Stripes

Print stripes upcycle old jersey knit clothes
DIY nautical printed top

Add Contrasting Fabric

Upcycle a jersey sweater with contrasting jersey knit fabric.

1920s style sweater refashion nautical sailor collar
1920s practical outdoor costume


Dress To Top Refashion

Before After Picture, Dress To Top Refashion, Old T-Shirt Crafts
Dress to top refashion

Jersey Skirt

T-Shirt To Skirt Refashion
T-Shirt to skirt refashion

1920s-Style Bathing Suit

1920s bathing suit dog splashing water
Nightgown before – 1920s bathing suit after

Turn Pajama Pants Into Leggings

Turn Pajama Pants Into Leggings Refashion Tutorial Make Pants Tighter Skinnier
Refashion pajama pants into leggings


DIY Panties

Make underwear with old jersey clothes and leftover jersey fabric – panties etc. don’t need much fabric.

Old T-Shirt To Underwear - Refashion
Old T-shirt to panties

Jersey Underskirt

Add a cotton knit underskirt to sheer skirts.

DIY Knit Underskirt
DIY knit underskirt

DIY Stockings

Turn old knit fabric clothes into stockings.

Turn Leggings Into Stockings - Refashion Tutorial
Tutorial: Turn leggings into stockings


Use jersey knit fabric as lining: Because jersey knit fabric is so soft, it makes a great lining fabric.

peek a boo dress cut out wrong side of dress diy sewing
Sequin dress with jersey knit lining


Jersey Knit Headband

Turn a strip of jersey knit fabric into an easy no-sew headband and embellish it with applique.

DIY No-Sew Jersey Headband - Tutorial
No-sew jersey headband with jersey applique

Makeup Remover Pads

Recycle old T-shirts into easy, no-sew, reusable makeup remover pads: They’re so soft and practical!

DIY Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
DIY reusable makeup remover pads


Use knit fabric as applique to upcycle boring white tops or dresses.

Nautical dress refashion upcycle leftover jersey knit scraps applique
Nautical dress refashion with old blue leggings
Nautical striped top refashion jersey knit applique
Nautical striped top refashion with old blue leggings

Rag Rug

Cut it into fabric yarn and crochet or braid a rag rug.

DIY Braided Rug From Old Fabric Scraps
Braided Rag Rug


DIY Pillow Stuffing

Use Fabric Scraps As DIY Stuffing

Use small jersey scraps as stuffing for pillows. Fabric scrap stuffing works especially well for floor pillows and dog beds.

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20 thoughts on “5 Ways To Reuse Old T-Shirts

  1. So many great ideas Lina. And most of them I would not have thought of. I like changing up old fabrics. But I usually like the patterns and repurpose them for the house.

  2. I make shorts for my little girls to go under their skirts. I use the hem of the T-shirt as the hem of the shorts. Also, I have made them striped pants also using the hem of the t-shirt as the hem of the pants. I also made my teenager a maxi shirt using multiple t-shirts.

  3. Great article! I really inspired by your work. It is seems best ways to use old t-shirts and It is very easy to make them as well. I’m going to try them. Thanks for sharing.

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