DIY Twig Hair Stick – Tutorial

DIY Easy Twig Hair Stick Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make your own wooden hair stick with twigs! Twig hairsticks are so easy and fast to make – and they cost practically nothing. They’re also a wonderful DIY gift.

You’ll need:

  • fresh twigs, such as apple tree twigs
  • pruning shears
  • pencil sharpener
  • sandpaper
  • oil or wax, such as jojoba oil

DIY Twig Hair Stick - Tutorial

Prune some apple tree twigs and peel off the bark.

DIY Twig Hair Stick - Tutorial

Cut the twigs using a hair stick as measure.

DIY Twig Hair Stick - Tutorial

Sharpen one end of the twig hair sticks with a pencil sharpener.

DIY Twig Hair Stick - Tutorial

Round the other end, also with the pencil sharpener. Smooth the wood with sandpaper. I also carved a small notch at the end of one hair stick so I can add a flower or tassel with a piece of wire.

Let the hair sticks dry for some days, then oil them – I used jojoba oil. Let the twigs soak up the oil for some hours. And your twig hair sticks are finished!

DIY Twig Hair Stick - Tutorial

I used a DIY Indian beaded tassel to decorate one of the hair sticks. And I decorated the other hair stick with a pink fabric flower. You can decorate the twig hair sticks to suit your fancy: with pom poms, tassels, fabric flowers, strawberries, a French beaded flower or beaded tassels.

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